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15.07 Last Call

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'''Dean:''' Oh, God bless Texas.
:''"God bless Texas" is a phrase that can be found on many souvenirs in Texas, as well as special license plates. Here Dean is also referring to the fact that Texans have a affinity for guns, as he finds a loaded shotgun behind the bar.''
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'''Dean:''' Okay. One, three bottles of Jaeger is nobody's friend, and "B," they were twins.<br>
'''Lee:''' Oh, no, no, no, no.<br>
'''Lorna:''' Oh.
'''Lee:''' Whoa, no, they were not twins. They were triplets, uh, and we split them up fair and square.
'''Dean:''' That's right. Triplets. Yeah. Yep.
:''Dean also mentioned a memorable night spent with twins in [[13.16 Scoobynatural]], a previous episode written by [[Jeremy Adams]]. It's possible these triplets were the "Cartwright twins" Dean remembers.
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