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Chuck's Death Book

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15.19 Inherit the Earth
With the book's contents revealed, Sam takes the now-opened book and starts translating it from its obscure [[Enochian]] text using the ''[[Book of the Damned]]''. He later finds a spell that has to be performed in a certain spot at a certain angle of the sun which should be powerful enough to find Chuck and destroy him. They perform the spell, but it quickly gets countered by Chuck, who reveals that Michael tipped him off due to jealousy towards Chuck for choosing Lucifer, his "new favorite", to recover the book. Michael tries to justify his actions as he ultimately sided against the Winchesters, but Chuck smites him and proceeds to beat Sam and Dean. After a while, they start laughing, revealing that everything was a trap designed to lure him out.
Chuck turns to Jack and tries to [[smite]] him, but Jack steals Chuck's powers, including Amara, and heals Sam and Dean. Sam passes Chuck his death book, but He finds that the pages are blank, since only Death can read its contentsunless the current incarnation give someone permission to read from the pages. Sam says they'd made the same discovery, so they'd come up with a Plan B. They knew that Michael would deceive them and kept the truth hidden from him while enacting their true plan: turn Jack into the new God and render Chuck into a human. Ever since Jack exploded into a metaphysical supernova in the Empty, Jack has been absorbing [[Spiritus Vitae|life energy]] from the plant life around him. He also began absorbing celestial energy from the earlier battle against Lucifer and cosmic energy when Chuck used his powers to kill Michael and attack the Winchesters, making Jack unstoppable. Chuck expects them to kill him, but they decide not to give him a quick death or any glorious ending of any kind, rather condemning him to continue living life until he grows old and eventually dies, forgotten and unmourned by all. Jack and the Winchesters drive away in the Impala, leaving a traumatized Chuck behind, along with his blank death book.

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