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Garden of Eden

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Later, at [[the Bunker]], Jack is in tears over killing [[Mary Winchester]]. Castiel explains that Jack's time in the Garden restored his lost [[soul]] and thus his ability to feel emotion.
===[[15.17 Unity]]===
In Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dean and Jack meet [[Adam and Eve|Adam]] himself along with his wife, the angel [[Serafina]] since [[Eve]] left long ago, unable to put up with him. He explains that their exile from the Garden of Eden was part of one of Chuck's first stories. Initially, they both believed they deserved it, until Chuck started toying with their sons, [[Cain]] and Abel. As a result, Adam has spent the past 300,000 years searching for a way to kill God and Serafina has kept him alive so he can see his plan come to fruition.
==Eden in Lore==

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