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Zack is a Crossroads Demon[[crossroads demon]]. He affects an English accent because he thinks it's classy.  
===[[15.15 Gimme Shelter]]===
Zack is summoned by [[Castiel]], who wishes to find out if demons are involved in a series of murders. Zack tells Cas and [[Jack ]] that he it is bored because not the work of demons, though appreciates the work and reveals that [[Rowena ]] has disallowed demons to make deals with humans, believing that "people end up where they belong.". He is Due his boredom in not being able to make deals, he becomes intrigued that Cas Castiel and Jack are investigating human murders and begs to come along, offering to be their driver, but they don't invite himis resoundly rebuffed. At the end of the episode, Zack is seen driving the police car that takes  As [[Sylvia]] awayis being placed in a police car, Zack appears as a deputy, flashing his red demon eyes as he looks back at Sylvia.

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