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15.15 Gimme Shelter

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'''Dean:''' Why?<br>'''Amara:''' I told you Dean, he's my--<br>'''Dean:''' No, no. No. Why did you bring her back? You said that you wanted to show me something, that you wanted to, uh, to teach me something. I don't know if you were following along, but your little experiment, it came to a not-so happy ending. My mom is dead. So what exactly did you want to show me? What was the point?<br>'''Amara:''' I wanted two things for you, Dean. I wanted you to see that your mother was just a person, that the myth you'd held onto for so long of a better life, a life where she'd lived was just that, a myth. I wanted you to see that the real complicated Mary was better than your childhood dream because she was real. That now is always better than then. That you could finally start to accept your life.<br>'''Dean:''' And the second thing?<br>'''Amara:''' I thought having her back would release you, put that fire out. Your anger. But I guess we both know I failed at that.<br>'''Dean:''' You're damn right. Look at you. Just another cosmic dick rigging the game. You're just like your brother.<br>'''Amara:''' It was a gift, Dean, not a trial.<br>'''Dean:''' I'm not angry, Amara. I'm furious to know that all my life, I've been nothing but a hamster in a wheel stuck in a story. And you know whose fault that is? Chuck's. And it ain't just me. We're all trapped. Sam and Cass and Jack and even you. And you want to talk about the people that he's killing right now--<br>'''Amara:''' Stop.<br>'''Dean:'' Why? He's not stopping. And you're doing nothing to stop it. Think he gives a rat's ass about you? Well, now who's living in a dreamworld?<br>'''Amara:''' Can I... trust you?<br>'''Dean:''' I would never hurt you.<br>'''Amara:''' Then... I-I'll think about it.
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