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15.10 The Heroes' Journey

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'''Garth:''' The guy who told me said it was in Alaska, on the road between Barrow and Kotzebue. He said, "You'll know it when you see it", whatever that means. Look, it might not even be real, and you know this stuff works. There's always a catch. And being normal -- I mean, maybe you'll get used to it.
:''There are no roads between Barrow (now known as the City of Utqiagvik) and Kotzebue. The only way to travel between the two is via airplane. Barrow was also the setting for the horror comic [ 30 Days of Night], about vampires who descend on the town during the month-long darkness.''
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'''Dean:''' (to [[Maul]]) Bring it on Madison!<br>
:''[[Madison]] was the name of the werewolf Sam and Dean encountered, and Sam slept with, in [[2.17 Heart]]''
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