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Cosmic Entity

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* [[Misha Collins]] received a question regarding his accent in this film at the 2017 Honolulu Convention. Although he claims it came from nowhere, it's evident he knows the "Mid-Atlantic" connection as he calls it an accent from an "oil rig in the Atlantic." The "Mid-Atlantic" accent's name comes from being a cross between England and New England, hence halfway through the Atlantic ocean. It is an artificial accent used in old Hollywood movies.
* In [[14.08 Byzantium]], the entity is also referred to as "the shadow" by [[Naomi]], as well as "the Empty" by Castiel during their conversation. Though the two discussed the actual Empty, Castiel specifically called the entity the Empty as well and it agreed with him. It is also called the Empty by [[Dumah]] in [[14.19 Jack in the Box]].
* This entity appears to be an embodiment of melancholy, a manifestation of the sadness and pensiveness of the angels and demons trapped in the Empty dreaming about their regrets for eternity. Historically, the root etymology for the word melancholy comes from the Greek ''"melankholia"'' literally meaning "(excess of) black bile."According to theologian [ Donald Eric Capps] in a study published in 1989, [ melancholy] is classified as a neutral 'eighth' deadly sin.
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