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After Crowley is betrayed by his demons and deposed as ruler by Lucifer, he agreed to help the Winchesters trap Lucifer in [[Apocalypse World]], in addition to agreeing to close the Gates of Hell forever, having grown tired being ruler and dealing with demons. Crowley was unable to make good on his promise, due to sacrificing himself to close the rift between universes to trap Lucifer. In Crowley's absence, at least one demon, [[Kipling]], attempted to fill the power vacuum left in Crowley's wake. His attempt to take over Hell, saw Kipling try and strike a deal with Sam Winchester, along the same lines as they had with Crowley. After Sam rejected Kipling's offer, and killed him, Sam would declare that, "There will be no new King of Hell. Not today. Not ever. And if anybody wants the job, you can come through me." A threat demons seemed to take to heart, as according to Nick the demons have kept track of where the Winchester family is at all times out of fear in order to keep far away. [[Belphegor]] later attempts to use [[Lilith's Crook]] to gain power in Hell, but is [[smiting|smote]] by Castiel, preventing this plan. According to [[Ardat]], Belphegor spent centuries waiting for his chance as all of the other leaders were killed.
Following her death to save the world, [[Rowena]] seizes power as the new Queen of Hell despite only being a damned soul.<ref name="fifteen08">[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]</ref> The demon Gregor indicates that Rowena has begun reshaping Hell for the better, holding receptions for newly-arrived souls rather than immediately condemning them to the endless lines of Crowley or the torture Hell is famous for.<ref name="fifteen13" />
===Creatures and Denizens===
The Winchesters and Castiel were able to use a spell from [[Rowena's Spellbooks]] to travel into Hell in search of [[Michael]].<ref name="fifteen08" /> Sam and Dean later use the same spell to return in search of [[the Occultum]].<ref name="fifteen13" />
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