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* [[Lucifer's Cage]]
* [[Purgatory]]
==External Links==
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*[ 6x14 - thoughts about Helltime] by monicawoe (February 2011); [ archive link]
*[ An exercise in time dilation mathematics] by joonchi; thornshrike (November 2012); [ archive link]
*[ “That's efficiency:” A few thoughts on Crowley’s hell] by outpastthemoat (January 2013); [ archive link]
*[ We get the Hell we think we deserve] by nerdinessboundaries (April 2013); [ archive link]
*[ Ask: I’ve heard people say that Sam was in the cage for around 180 to 200 years. Can you tell me how accurate that is and then show me the math on that?] by fandomdebunker (October 2013); [ archive link]
*[ Four Hells - Sam’s, Dean’s, Crowley’s show for Cas, Bobby’s] by larinah (January 2014); [ archive link]
*[ Short and Cruel Reflection on Cage!time vs. Earth!time] by semirahrose (June 2015); [ archive link]
*[ Sam, Dean, The Cage, and Memory] by ameliacareful (October 2015); [ archive link]
*[ “...even ''if'' Sam’s estimation of his experience of Hell isn’t right and we just go with Dean’s, Sam was tortured in the Cage more than five times as long as he has been alive” (Untitled)] by semirahrose (April 2018); [ archive link]

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