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Garden of Eden

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When [[God]] created the world, He created the Garden of Eden as a , the crossroads between divinity and humanity and divinity, where he kept His prize creations , Adam and Eve. However, [[Gadreel]], the [[angel]] who was tasked to guard Eden and prevent any evil from entering, allowed [[Lucifer]] to enter the Garden. The [[archangel]]'s actions led to the corruption of humanity and their exile from the Garden. The Garden of Eden was hidden away, and appears to exist in an alternate realm outside reality. The Garden can be accessed if a non-human entity consumes [[the Occultum]]. According to [[Castiel]], the Garden is "the crossroads of divinity and humanity" and no one has been there since the exile of humanity.
Within the Garden is a [[The Girl|young girl]] and an albino python snake. The young girl appears to have great knowledge of the Garden, but her actual purpose is not known. The snake or the nature of the Garden itself appears to have the ability to restore lost [[souls]] in [[soulless]] people.

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