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When Dean Winchester was dragged to Hell, he first found himself suspended on meat hooks among infinite chains as storm clouds raged around him.<ref name="three16">[[3.16 No Rest for the Wicked]]</ref> Hell also consists of endless racks which human souls hang from while being tortured. After taking charge of Hell, Crowley transformed it into a place where torture was exemplified by endless queuing. Though more traditional dungeon areas still exist, as evidenced when [[Sam]] traveled to Hell to perform the second [[trial]] to save the [[soul]] of [[Bobby Singer]]. The tortures in the dungeon area appeared to be a mix of physical, with various damned souls shown to be mutilated in one form or another and psychological as with Bobby Singer who would be tortured daily by black-eyed versions of Sam and Dean Winchester.
Following [[Rowena]]'s takeover, she appears to have done away with this as the demon Gregor comments that she is now holding receptions for newly-arrived souls, much to the demon's obvious annoyance.<ref name="fifteen13">[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]</ref>
|[[File:Crowley'sHell.jpg|thumb|340px|[[Crowley]]'s new Hell.]]

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