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Garden of Eden

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15.13 Destiny's Child
===[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]===
When [[Jack]] consumed [[the Occultum]], he was sent to the Garden of Eden where he was greeted by a little girl who explains the history of the Garden. When Jack asked her about how the Garden was supposed to change him, she tells him that the Garden will change him if he's "the one meant to find it." When she leaves, a snake appears from a tree and asks Jack who he is and who he is meant to be. Suddenly, Jack gets flashbacks of his memories, both good and badand collapses on the ground in tears. After a while, he Jack is sent back to the church where the Occoltum was hidden as ball of light.  Later, at the Bunker, Jack is in tears for over killing [[MaryWinchester]]'s death. Castiel explains that Jack's time in the Garden restored his lost souland thus his ability to feel emotion.
==Eden in Lore==

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