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Garden of Eden

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[[File:Garden-of-Eden.jpg|thumb|right|350px|[[Jack]] is greeted by a young girl in the Garden of Eden.]]
When [[God]] created the world, he created the Garden of Eden, the birthplace of Adam and Eve. However, when the snake tempted them into eating from the forbidden fruit, they were banished from the garden along with the rest of humanity. The Garden of Eden appears to exist in an alternate realm outside reality. However, the Garden can be accessed if a non-human entity consumed [[the Occultum]]. The snake appears to have the ability to restore [[souls]] in [[soulless]] people.
|[[File:15x13 Eden.jpg|thumb|right|350px|The Garden of Eden]]
|[[File:15x13 The Serpent.jpg|thumb|right|350px|The Serpent.]]
When [[Castiel]] discovers "[[Ezekiel]]'s" real identity, he reveals that [[Gadreel]] was the angel who allowed [[Lucifer]] into the Garden, which led to the corruption of humankind, the creation of [[demons]] and [[Hell]], the departure of God, and the [[archangels]]' scheme to start the [[Apocalypse]]. However, when Gadreel tries to explain, he told Dean he loved humanity and set them free, but he is adamant that what happened in the Garden wasn't his doing. Sam feels that while he was possessed, he believed that Gadreel felt misunderstood.
[[File:TheSerpent.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Jack is confronted by a serpent.]]
===[[10.23 Brother's Keeper]]===
The spell to remove the [[Mark of Cain]] requires the forbidden fruit. [[Crowley]] was able to procure the quince which cost him an IOU with a Palestinian warlock.

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