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Drinking Habits
In many episodes, he has been shown to enjoy beer or whisky with Sam and Dean, even though alcohol doesn't affect angels unless they drink it excessively.<ref name="eight23">[[8.23 Sacrifice]]</ref><ref name="nine09">[[9.09 Holy Terror]]</ref><ref name="twelve10">[[12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets]]</ref><ref name="fourteen08">[[14.08 Byzantium]]</ref>
[[File:12x14 Glennlach 33.png|thumb|right|350px|Glennlach 33.]]
===[[Arthur Ketch]]===
Ketch's taste in alcohol goes to the exotic and expensive kinds of scotch, which he could easily purchase during his time with the [[British Men of Letters]]. His favorite scotch is Glennlach Single Malt Scotch Whiskey aged 33 years in oak barrels with a 43% ABV, which is "incredibly rare and unspeakably expensive". He extends an olive branch to Dean by sharing a bottle of scotch and inviting him on a vampire hunt in Wichita, Kansas. Although both parties don't talk much, they are clearly impressed by the flavor of the scotch.<ref name="twelve14">[[12.14 The Raid]]</ref> Although he becomes a mercenary hunter, he is still able to purchase the scotch on occasion, such as when he provided a bottle to Sam and Dean to express his condolences following Mary's death.<ref name="fourteen19">[[14.19 Jack in the Box]]</ref>

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