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Angel Lore

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* [[Angel Trap]] – Much like how a devil's trap works for demons, painting a special sigil can trap an angel within it's confines.
* [[Archangel]]s – Can easily overpower angels, often killing or banishing them by snapping their fingers.<ref name="five08" /><ref name="five13" /><ref name="five22" />
* [[Archangel blade]] – A short blade once carried by the [[archangel]]s that is capable of killing an archangel,<ref name="five19" /> but only when wielded by another archangel<ref name="thirteen13">[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]</ref> or a [[vessel]] powered by an archangel.<ref name="thirteen23">[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]</ref> The archangel blades were thought to be missing lost forever until one was unearthed by [[RamielAsmodeus]].
* [[Cambion]] – [[Jesse Turner]] has the power to transform Castiel into a toy. Castiel says that Jesse could "destroy the Host of Heaven with a word."
* [[The Colt]] – The gun's power against angels is uncertain. It was ineffective against Lucifer, but he stated that only five things could not be killed with this weapon, so it is possible that the Colt may work on angels, but not archangels.

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