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15.11 The Gamblers
[[Jack]] manages to locate Kabaiel, who walks around town carrying [[Angel Sword|his sword]] in a suitcase. He follows the [[Grigori]] to an abandoned building where he is subsequently captured.
In a nearby church, he prepares to torture Jack and determine why he's targeting his kind. However, Jack remains silent and chooses not to use his powers to escape or heal his wound. Kabaiel acknowledges that Jack allowed Sariel to call out to him, to draw him out and kill him. He proceeds to torture Jack as retribution for slaughtering his kind, despite knowing he can't kill the young [[Nephilim]]. After a while, Jack tells him about how he and his brother have been targeting people, and that Kabaiel was feeding off children's [[souls]]. He raises his sword and asks how Jack knew that, and he replies that [[Death]] told him. Kabaiel quickly senses [[Castiel]] behind him and attacks with his [[angel sword]], but proves to be no match for the other angel, who kills the Grigori with his [[angel blade]], leaving his kind extinct.
Jack reveals to Castiel and the Winchesters that he was targeting the Grigori to consume their hearts and eventually become powerful enough to kill [[God]].

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