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Jack Kline

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After death, Jack's soul is able to go to Heaven like a regular human, though his half-angel nature allows him to sense the true nature of his Heaven and leave it. As he is half-angel, the [[Cosmic Entity]] believed that Jack's soul belonged in [[the Empty]] upon death like all other angels and demons.<ref name="fourteen08">[[14.08 Byzantium]]</ref> With his human soul having been burned away to kill Michael, Jack ends up in the Empty following his second death due to his angelic nature.<ref name="fourteen20">[[14.20 Moriah]]</ref>
After his second resurrection, Jack is able to completely suppress his powers to hide from God, even previously automatic abilities such as his wounds healing themselves. Despite this, he still retains enough raw strength solely relying on his skills as a hunter to rip locate and wipe out and consume the hearts last of the [[Grigorigrigori]] . He reveals that he consumed the hearts of the grigori as part of Billie's plan to become strongerand eventually kill [[God]].<ref name="fifteen11" />
===Powers and abilities===

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