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Maul was a champion cage fighter for [[Cutty]]'s [[monster]] fight clubknown as "the Mighty Maul. "
[[Cutty]] introduces [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] to Maul, whom they will be fighting in a cage match. Dean begins mocking Maul for his name, calling him Marvin, Marion, and Meredith. Maul does not take kindly to Dean's jabs, and retorts that his given name is "Murder", before taking them to their cells to await the fight.
When Sam and Dean escape with the help of [[Garth]], Maul begins pursuing them. Before he can exit the building, Garth sets off the C4 explosives he had planted around the building, seemingly killing all inside. Maul, however, survives the explosion, albeit badly burned. Garth transforms into a [[werewolf]] to take Maul on but is easily swatted away, leaving Sam and Dean to defend themselves. Dean nervously says "Bring it on, Madison!" Sam and Dean try to fight Maul in vain, with Maul even offering Sam a free shot to the jaw, which has no effect on him. After he is finished having fun with the Winchesters, Maul prepares to kill the two, but is cleaved through the head from behind with a machete by Garth, killing him.
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