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14.17 Game Night
Castiel seeks the help of [[Sister Jo]] in trying to contact God, due her working as [[Joshua]]'s right hand in Heaven before being demoted. Jo tells Castiel that Joshua never talked to God, it was God that talked to Joshua, but reveals that after [[the Fall]] there was a rumor Joshua put out a call to God, and He answered.
The two travel to Orlando's Emporium, where [[Methuselah]] allows them to look for the object Joshua used to make contact. After searching all night, and nearly giving up, Castiel spots [[Joshua's Amulet|an amulet]] similar to [[Dean's Amulet|Dean]]'s, which Methuselah tells him Joshua forges forged after the Fall. Grasping it in his hand, Castiel [[Prayer|prays]] to God for help, but receive receives no response. Something Methuselah tells them happened to Joshua too.
===[[14.20 Moriah]]===

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