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During the game with Sam, he is able to get Fortuna talking after revealing he and Dean have been cursed by God. Believing their plight, she welcomes them to the club, and explains the origin of the [[gods]] to them -- another of [[Chuck]]'s creations, made to take the blame for the ills of humanity. The distraction of talking proves enough for Sam to win the game and regain his and Dean's luck. Before Fortuna evens up with the Winchesters, she makes one more offer -- the luck of heroes like Hercules, Cú Chulainn, and Gilgamesh for one more game with double or nothing stakes. Sam agrees, but only if Fortuna returns the luck of everyone else in the bar. Confused as to why Sam cares so much for them, she agrees and has him rack up. Fortuna wipes the floor with Sam, reminding him that he challenged the Goddess of Luck in her own place, before letting Sam and Dean leave.
While the Winchesters walk back to their car, planning to come up with a way to kill Fortuna, the bar begins to empty. The two are approached by [[Evie]], who tells them that Fortuna "shut it down" because of Sam and Dean, whom Fortuna deemed to be true heroes -- a kind she thought went extinct. She has Evie relay a final message to not play [[God]]'s game, but make him play theirs ,before bestowing the luck of heroes unto them through their coin. However, Fortuna doesn't grant them extra luck to the point that they could win the lottery, instead restoring their luck to the point that it was its original state before God "downgraded" them. Sam suggests that it was because Fortuna saw them as true heroes and maybe heroes don't get all the shortcuts after allin life.
==Fortuna in Lore==

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