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The Fall

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Metatron is able to sway the angels to his side, offering them entrance into Heaven if they leave Castiel's cause. Metatron's leadership of the angels proves to be short-lived when Castiel is able to broadcast through [[angel radio]] Metatron admitting to "playing" his brothers and sisters, and he is soon locked away in Heaven's prison. In the aftermath, the angels begin to govern themselves via committee, rebuilding and reorganizing Heaven along with lots of reconciliation and their new leader eventually became [[Hannah]], who restored order in Heaven until her death at [[Efram]]'s hands.
However, with the Fall and various disputes amongst the angels, the angel's numbers were greatly diminished, to the point that by May 2018 there were only nine angels left in Heaven and one or two wandering on Earth, including Castiel, Naomi, [[Indra]], [[Eremiel]], and Dumah. The remaining angels sequestered themselves in Heaven to ensure that it would continue to be powered, to prevent billions of souls falling to Earth if Heaven should shut down. When the [[Cosmic Entity]] invaded Heaven to drag Jack's soul to the Empty, it opened all of Heaven's gates, including the ones sealed by Metatron. Even though the gates have been reopened, the angels continue to access Heaven via the [[playground ]] since they still can't use their wings. It's later revealed that [[Jack Kline]] is capable of turning humans into angels by forging human [[souls]] into angelic grace. While working with Dumah, he uses his powers to transform members of a prayer group into angels.

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