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God took an interest in [[Sam]] and [[Dean Winchester]], and on claiming out of all the Sam's and Dean's in all the [[Alternate Universe|multiverse]], they were his "favorite show."
According to the goddess [[Fortuna]], when humans were created, they worshipped nature around them rather than recognize his "beneficence". As an act of spite against his creations, he created the [[Deities|pagan gods]] as scapegoats to take the blame whenever things go wrong for the humans. He created them initially for their epic stories, however he became dissatisfied with them as well. He would take to hiding behind whatever religion was the most popular at the time and leave these gods to wander the world taking whatever scraps they can find until they're forgotten or killed by humans. Over time, most of these gods have forgotten their true origins, many of them believing themselves to be superior compared to other gods in opposing religions.<ref name="five19">[[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]</ref><ref name="fifteen11">[[15.11 The Gamblers]]</ref>
Chuck tells the Winchesters that he only interferes directly when things get apocalyptic on Earth, to the point where the main threat rivals his power. He offers his aid to the Winchesters as the prophet "[[Chuck Shurley]]" to prevent the [[Apocalypse]] from coming to pass, as well as to have a front row seat to the Apocalypse. Later as the Darkness threatens to destroy the universe, he initially wanted her to win until Metatron convinced him to help the Winchesters stop his sister. However, Amara managed to mortally wound Chuck, causing a disruption in the Cosmic Balance.<ref name="eleven22">[[11.22 We Happy Few]]</ref> However Dean managed to convinces the two siblings reconcile and Chuck and Amara leave together.<ref name="eleven23">[[11.23 Alpha and Omega]]</ref>

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