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Kali shows disgust for Westerners and their belief that they have the right to leadership in their own [[God]]'s name, accusing them of butchery. She also states that she and the other gods' religions were practiced before his.<ref name="five19">[[5.19 Hammer Of The Gods]]</ref>
[[Fortuna]] eventually reveals to Sam and Dean that deities were in fact created by God Himself, though most of them no longer remember this fact. According to Fortuna, when God first created humanity, they worshipped things like nature instead of God. Initially enraged, God chose to create the pagan deities as someone scapegoats to take the blame for things going wrong and because they made an epic story. However, God's ego only allowed this for so long and he abandoned his creations and chose to hide behind whatever religion is the most popular.<ref name="fifteen11">[[15.11 The Gamblers]]</ref>
===List of Deities===

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