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15.11 The Gamblers

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'''SamJack:''' We know you're skimming luck off what we wonThe last one I killed was pretending to be a doctor. We want it back.<br>'''Dean:''' Or I kill himFeeding on the souls of humans he was supposed to heal. <br>'''Fortuna:''' You probably coulddo it, too. His daddy was humanOnly you like children. <br>'''PaxKabriel:''' Mom!Who told you that?<br>'''FortunaJack:''' I'm sorry baby, I could always make more sonsDeath.
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'''Fortuna:''' So, why do you need this luck so bad? Girlfriend problems? Liver failure?<br>'''Sam:''' Accursed by God.<br>'''Fortuna:''' Life's a bitch, then you die.<br>'''Dean:''' The God literally cursed us.<br>'''Fortuna:''' You've met?<br>'''Dean:''' Yeah. Little guy, squirrelly as hell.<br>'''Fortuna:''' Yeah, that's him.}}{{TriviaQuote |Text='''Evie:''' She -- she shut it down.<br>'''Dean:''' Why? <br>'''Evie:''' Because of you. She said she thought your kind had gone extinct.<br>
'''Sam:''' Our kind?<br>
'''Evie:''' Heroes. Like the old days. And , uh, she gave me a message. She said, "Don't play his game - make . Make him play yours."
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'''Dean:''' Ohh! We're back, baby!
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'''Dean:''' Cas.<br>
'''Sam:''' Hey. Everything okay?<br>
'''Jack:''' Hello.<br>
'''Sam:''' Jack?<br>
'''Jack:''' Every day I wanted to come home, but I couldn't.<br>
'''Dean:''' Why not?<br>
'''Jack:''' Because if I don't stay hidden, if I use my powers, my grandfather, Hehe'll know I'm back , and Hehe'll try and kill meagain. Again. He's afraid of me. And that's why we have had to wait.<br>
'''Castiel:''' Billie kept him hidden in the Empty until Chuck went off-world.<br>
'''Jack:''' She let me out when it was safe.<br>
'''Dean:''' Safe to what, eat ? Eat a bunch of angel hearts?<br>'''Jack:''' Safe to do what I have to. The hearts, they were just the beginning. They made me strong, but I-I'm not strong enough. I... if If I do exactly what she says, if I follow her plan, then I'll get stronger and... I'll be able to kill God.
'''Dean:''' Alright, so, we need to minimize our risk and maximize our profit, right? It's kind of like that action we took back in Tallahassee. Remember that? The-the-the "Fast Eddie"?<br>
'''Sam:''' I don't remember.<br>
'''Dean:''' It was Dad's favorite, from the movie. Paul Newman. "The Hustler."<br>'''Sam:''' Alright, fine. One more game. One.<br>'''Dean:''' Okay. Now we just gotta find our Jackie Gleason.:''[ The Hustler] is a 1963 film about pool hustling starring Paul Newman as "Fast Eddie" Felson, a small time hustler who seeks out legendary pool player "Minnesota Fats" (played by Jackie Gleason).''
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