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Hierarchy and Denizens
A hierarchy in Hell exists, but is not as rigid as that found [[Heaven]]. Alliances and affiliations between demons tend not to last for long periods.
[[File:Hell'sThrone2.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Rowena]] sits on Hell's throne.]]
[[Azazel]] was a very powerful demon general who was a devoted zealot of [[Lucifer]]. He was described as a "tyrant" by [[Casey]], who kept the demons in Hell in line. After Azazel's death, [[Lilith]] was released from her prison and assumed the void in leadership. [[Ruby]] was another strong demon who eventually proved instrumental in releasing Lucifer by secretly manipulating [[Sam Winchester]] so that he would kill Lilith, breaking the last [[The 66 Seals|seal]]. Other more specific positions include King of Hell -- the ruler of all demons, King of Crossroads -- the demon who holds all crossroad deal contracts and Knights of Hell -- the elite guard of Hell. It is unknown what specific rank Lilth held amongst the demons, but the [[white-eyed demon]] [[Alastair]] was described by Ruby as, "Practically the Grand Inquisitor downstairs. Picasso—with a razor."

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