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15.07 Last Call

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Meanwhile, Dean and Lee are reminiscing about hunting and [[John]]. Finding out that John died 13 years prior, Lee offers condolences to Dean. When Dean asks if Lee ever regrets quitting, Lee says no telling Dean their last case together involving cultists in Arizona was a wake-up call to him to get out of the life.
In the Bunker infirmary, Castiel’s idea is to probe the wound. He tells Sam it is dangerous, but Sam agrees. As Castiel is probing Sam, something goes wrong and Sam is slammed against the wall and knocked out. With Sam unconciousunconscious, Castiel calls Dean to no avail and leaves a message. Dean’s phone rings in the basket of confiscated cell phones, while Dean is bragging about his night with twins, and Lee informs him, they were triplets. Castiel then calls [[Sergei]], the [[shaman]], reminding him that Sergei owes him for what happened with [[Jack]]. Sergei replies he has promised to take his niece shopping this weekend. Castiel threatens to track Sergei down and burn him alive, but Sergei remains unmoved.
At Swayze's, Dean speaks about the horrors of [[ghost sickness]]. When Lee asks about the case, Dean tells him about the missing woman. Lee doesn’t recognize Angela, until Lorna reminds him she is Sally's friend. Lee asks why he is chasing something so small. Dean replies someone has to look out for the little guy, since God isn’t. Lee expresses concern, and says Dean has saved so many, he deserves a break. Lee then goes to the stage and goads Dean to join him by saying he can’t just lip sync in private. Dean shyly joins. They sing “Good Ole Boys,” the Dukes of Hazzard theme -- the song that John would play for them before a hunt. Dean enjoys it, even receiving a standing ovation. From the stage, Dean sees two guys harassing a woman, Sally Anderson. He and Lee intervene saying they should leave, and when the men refuse, Dean and Lee physically throw them out through doors and windows.
When Lee leaves, Dean sees tools, and tips the chair over, causing it to break. He removes the IV and struggles to untie himself as the monster breaks through the door. Upstairs in the bar, Lee hears a commotion and pulls his gun as the basement door opens. In rolls the severed head of the marid. Dean apologizes for cutting it's head off before he dives behind the bar and grabs a shotgun. They exchange fire until they run out. Dean emerges from behind the bar, he tells Lee he doesn't know who he is anymore. Lee claims he’s just a Dean that realized the world is broken, Dean fervently replies, “Then you fix it. You fight for it.” Lee suggests Dean just walk away, but Dean can’t. He kills monsters. They fight, and eventually Dean wins by stabbing Lee in the chest with a broken pool cue. As Lee prepares to die, he asks why Dean cares so much. Dean replies, “Someone has to.” Lee is glad it’s him. Then signals Dean to pull the cue, killing Lee.
After seeing CasitelCastiel's message, Dean rushes into the Bunker, where he sees Castiel and immediately asks about Sam. Castiel curtly replies Sam is fine. Then walks toward the infirmary. There, Sam informs them that he saw Chuck’s memories, and Chuck is weak. He declares he thinks they can beat God.

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