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15.07 Last Call

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Sergei reveals that Sam's wound goes all the way down to his [[soul]], as well as being tethered to someone or thing out in the world, and that the probing caused Sam’s soul to stretch to the breaking point. When Eileen asks him if he can fix Sam, Sergei agrees to do so.
At Merle’s, Dean finds Angela’s car and her corpse in the trunk. When a gun clicks behind him and he’s knocked out by Lee. Meanwhile, Sergei’s “cure” is actually killing Sam faster, causing him to see visions of Chuck’s memories. Sergei tells Castiel that he has demands. Eileen slams Sergei against the Bunker wall, threatening him. But Sergei coolly demands an object that the Men of Letters procured -- the [[Key to Death]]. He tells them that it opens the door to [[Death's Library]]. Castiel says no, then shows a photo Sergei’s niece, Anna, on his phone. Saying his friend [[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|Bobby]] is watching her, and threatens that something will happen to Anna if Sam dies. Sergei relents and heals Sam. As he leaves, Sergei is impressed with Castiel's new attitude, remarking it is very... Russian.
At Merle’s Salvage Yard Dean finds Angela’s car and her corpse in the trunk. When a gun clicks behind him and he’s knocked out by Lee. Dean wakes up tied up, with a similar IV tube in his arm. Lee enters the basement and explains to Dean that he found the the monster, a [[marid]], on his last hunt after Arizona. He tells Dean that it grants wealth and health, so long as it is kept fed. Lee tells Dean that he feels he deserves it after all he’s done. Dean disagrees. When Lee responds that no one cares about good and evil, Dean replies that he does. Lee then starts the drip, saying the death isn’t bad and that between the two of them, Lee chooses himself.
When Lee leaves, Dean sees tools, and tips the chair over, causing it to break. He removes the IV and struggles to untie himself as the monster breaks through the door. Upstairs in the bar, Lee hears a commotion and pulls his gun as the basement door opens. In rolls the severed head of the marid. Dean apologizes for cutting it's head off before he dives behind the bar and grabs a shotgun. They exchange fire until they run out. Dean emerges from behind the bar, he tells Lee he doesn't know who he is anymore. Lee claims he’s just a Dean that realized the world is broken, Dean fervently replies, “Then you fix it. You fight for it.” Lee suggests Dean just walk away, but Dean can’t. He kills monsters. They fight, and eventually Dean wins by stabbing Lee in the chest with a broken pool cue. As Lee prepares to die, he asks why Dean cares so much. Dean replies, “Someone has to.” Lee is glad it’s him. Then signals Dean to pull the cue, killing Lee.

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