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Sheriff Alden Roy

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Alden Roy was a [[djinn]] , and the sheriff of Jenny Lake County in Wyoming, who . He kept his lair in an old silver mine near Lake Jenny.
===[[15.06 Golden Time]]===
[[Castiel]] meets with Sheriff Roy about the discovery of a teenager -- Shane Coogan's -- body, whom Roy dismissed dismisses as an OD.
After Castiel discovers a pattern of missing people around the lake, he and [[Melly Krakowski]] go searching for her missing son, [[Caleb Krakowski|Caleb]], whom they find injured in the woods. He tells them is describing how he witnessed a monster dragging a body into the lake, when Roy appears, gun drawn on Castiel. He tells them he tries to only kill when he has to, and they are forcing his hand. Castiel then produces his [[angel blade]] from his sleeve as Sheriff Roy's eyes glow and djinn markings appear on his body. He shoots Castiel in the chest, but Castiel heals it almost immediately, and walks towards Roy while berating him. Roy shoots him in the heart, point blank, but it once again has no effect. Castiel wrenches his Roy's gun away, and punches him to the ground, and then begins to repeatedly stab Roy to death, covering himself in the [[djinn]]'s blood.

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