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Rowena's Spellbooks

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|text= Magic can do anything, Samuel.
|author= [[Rowena MacLeod]]
|source= [[15.03 The Rupture]]
[[Rowena]] kept a library of journals where she documented everything she knew about magic. She knew most of the truth about [[God]] where he created worlds and manipulated them , enough to satisfy himselfknow "the game was rigged. " She immersed herself in all forms of magic and creating her own spells became her way of keeping control. In order to protect her library, she hexed her apartment so that no one other than [[Sam]] or [[Dean]] can could enter without dying. Sam and [[Eileen]] manage to locate her old library and take everything from [[Rowena's Apartment|her apartment]] to the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
The spells [[spell]]s Rowena documented in her journals make made up everything she knew about magic. These include her translations from the ''[[Book of the Damned]]''.
* '''Resurrection Spell:''' When [[Mary]] was killed, Rowena created a spell that could transform a spirit to human. However, since Mary's [[soul ]] was in [[Heaven]], she never finished it. The spell was completed by Sam, who uses it to revive [[EileenLeahy]]. Unfortunately, the spell could only be use once.
===[[11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?]]===
While translating the ''[[Book of the Damned]]'', [[Rowena ]] is seen writing her translations into a journal. She eventually manages to find a spell to summon [[Lucifer]] in [[Hell]] and [[warding sigils ]] that can neutralize neutralized his powers.
===[[14.18 Absence]]===
[[Rowena ]] is seen updating her journal with her latest translations from the ''[[Book of the Damned]]''. When [[Jack]] arrives arrived to ask for her help in reviving [[Mary, she ]]. She tells him about the latest [[spell ]] she recovered from the book called the ''Magice Necromantiorum'' which can could bring her Mary back.
===[[15.06 Golden Time]]===
[[Jacinda]] makes her way to [[Rowena's Apartment ]] in an attempt to locate her most valuable items. However, she eventually became a victim of a hex and died after ransacking the place.
[[Sam ]] and [[Eileen ]] make their way to Rowena's apartment hoping to find a way to prevent Eileen's spirit from one day becoming vengeful. When they arrive, they find Jacinda's body and start searching for what she was looking for. Eileen passes through a bookcase and finds her most valuable items. Sam looks through Rowena's old spellbooks and realizes realized that she, while she didn't have all the details, she knew the truth about [[Chuck]] the whole time. Knowing enough to know that the game was rigged, she immersed . Causing her to immerse herself in magic to stay in control. A page from one of the books falls out and Sam inspects it. The page contains a resurrection spell that Rowena was attempting to create to revive Mary by transforming the spirit into flesh. However, Mary was already in [[Heaven]] at the time, so Rowena never used it. Realizing that he can complete the spell, Sam decides to use it to revive Eileen. Sam and Eileen retrieve the ingredients they need for the spell and stow them and one of Rowena's journals in the [[Impala]]'s trunk when [[Witch Mother|Jacinda's mother]] and her sister [[Emily (Witch)|Emily]] banish Eileen and capture Sam.
Since Rowena cast a hex in her apartment to kill anyone other than Sam or Dean, the witch creates a voodoo doll to torture Sam in order to compel him to recover Rowena's library and use the resurrection spell to revive her daughter. Sam offers to use the spell together, however the spell will only work once as [[Billie]] prevents any spell that cheats death from working after the first use.
* [[Dean]] refers to [[Sam is revealed to be ]] as [[Rowena]]'s protégé, capable of casting spells via [[hex bags]], implying that Rowena left her stash for him to inherit and use in their fight against evil. He is also capable of completing the resurrection spell Rowena created. Rowena said that Sam is close to a '"seasoned witch' " in [[15.03 The Rupture]].
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