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====[[14.16 Don't Go in the Woods]]====
While facing a [[Kohonta]], the Winchesters learn from [[Sheriff Mason Romero]] that a Kohonta is a human cursed to be transformed into a monster with an insatiable hunger for engaging in extreme cannibalism. The curse was performed by Native American [[shaman]], in this case on a young white settler named [[Henry Parker]] who ate his own family and some of the local tribe before he was cursed. There is no known way to break the curse other than to kill the Kohonta with a [[silver]] blade through the heart.
===Deadly Protection===
====[[15.06 Golden Time]]====
At some point before her death, [[Rowena]] cast a powerful curse upon her flat that would kill anyone that entered, causing them to bleed out within a short period of time. This curse killed the [[witch]] [[Jacinda]], but didn't harm [[Sam]] whom Rowena had specifically excluded from the effects of the curse when she cast it. Sam was forced by the [[Witch Mother]] and [[Emily (Witch)|Emily]] to get what they needed for a [[resurrection]] spell from the flat as they could not enter to get it themselves or break the curse. Dean was later able to enter unharmed as well to burn Jacinda's body, having presumably also been excluded from the curse's effects by Rowena.
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