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No change in size, 18 October
After getting her revenge, Amara realized that it didn't make her happy as she'd expected because no matter what, she still loved her brother. With the help of Dean, Amara realized that what she truly wanted more than anything was her brother back and she was finally happy when she reconciled with God.
Three years after leaving the Earth with her brother, Amara is shown to have taken an interest in human things such as keno and massages, even dispensing with her more formal outfit attire for more casual clothing. Amara states that she has changed and adapted, becoming the "better me." However, while Amara's relationship with her brother has improved, she still prefers to keep her distance, stating that while she's willing to coexist, she doesn't want to do it near Him. Amara recognizes that while she has changed for the better, God never did and is still the same petulant narcissist He always was which disgusts her. As a result, Amara refuses to help her brother when He comes seeking Amara's help for the first time ever and even takes joy in trapping him on Earth in much the same way that God once trapped her.
===Powers and abilities===

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