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Power and abilities
After getting her revenge, Amara realized that it didn't make her happy as she'd expected because no matter what, she still loved her brother. With the help of Dean, Amara realized that what she truly wanted more than anything was her brother back and she was finally happy when she reconciled with God.
===Power Powers and abilities===The Darkness is the most powerful being in existence. It was stated several times that it took the combined power of all four [[archangels]] fighting against her along with [[God]] to successfully defeat and trap her the first time, and even then victory was barely achieved. Her release prompted God to hide out in what He dubbed "[[God's Bar|the safest place ever created]]" so He could be safe from her. Even after withstanding a combined but sequential attack by powerful [[witches]], every [[angel]] in [[Heaven]], [[demons]], and [[Lucifer]], she still proved to be stronger than her brother when she stopped Him from trapping her, overpowering Lucifer at the same time, before fatally wounding her brother, all before fully regenerating and walking away. Hours later after reconciling with her brother, she healed the damage her nigh-omnipotent powers did to Him with no effort. God at least believed Amara could heal the severe damage done to Him by [[The Equalizer]], but this is unconfirmed as she refused to even try.
Despite her near-infinite might, Amara can be effectively bound or even killed, though it takes a enormous amount of combined power to do so. Her brother [[God]] is the only being powerful enough to kill her, though He needs help to weaken her first. It took the combined power of all four [[archangels]] to weaken her enough for God to bind her, and even then He could barely do it. [[Chuck]] did however mention that a massive amount of light, equivalent to 10,000 suns set to supernova, could potentially destroy her. It is unknown if [[Death]] could kill her as he equals God's power but was killed by [[Dean]] before this could be tested.

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