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[[File:DamnedSoulsReleased.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Chuck]] unleashes damned [[soul]]s from Hell.]]
==Escape from Hell==
[[Azazel]] was able to move freely between Hell and Earth, and [[Alastair]] appeared to be able too, as well as [[Crowley]]. [[Castiel]], and other [[angels]] have been able to enter and return, though at a cost as entering Hell for angels can be very dangerous.
See also: [[Devil's Gate in Clifton]] & [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]].
[[File:Lucifer's Cage Opening.jpg|350px|left|thumb|The mouth to [[Lucifer's Cage]] is opened.]]
===Escape from Lucifer's Cage===
[[File:Lucifer's Cage Opening.jpg|350px|left|thumb|The mouth to [[Lucifer's Cage]] is opened.]]
[[Lucifer's Cage]] was built to secure the [[archangel]] [[Lucifer]]. The mouth of the Cage was heavily secured by 600 locks. Only a fraction of these, called [[the 66 Seals]] needed to be broken to release Lucifer. The four individual rings belonging to the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]], once merged together, could also open the Cage. Once secured, not even [[archangels]] can leave the Cage without a door being opened from the outside.
As Sam attempted to contact Lucifer without opening the Cage, harrowing Hell with Crowley and Rowena, Rowena was able to perform a ritual from to ''[[Book of the Damned]]'' to pull Lucifer's essence from the Cage without opening it, summoning him into a warded holding cell in Limbo.
[[File:DamnedSoulsReleased.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Chuck]] unleashes damned [[soul]]s from Hell.]]
After [[Chuck]] declared it "the End" of Sam and Dean's story, he opens a crack in the earth unleashing the souls of the damned onto earth. The demon [[Belphegor]] revels to Dean that while in Hell, every single door "sprang open all at once", the sky cracked and all the souls, an estimated 2-3 billion escaped to earth.
[[File:HellEntrance-Purgatory.jpg|thumb|350px|right|The backdoor into Hell, located in [[Purgatory]].]]
===Purgatory Portal===
[[File:HellEntrance-Purgatory.jpg|thumb|350px|left|The backdoor into Hell, located in [[Purgatory]].]]
In [[Purgatory]], there is a portal that acts as a backdoor to Hell. Anyone with access to this portal, such as rogue [[reaper]]s, can sneak in and out of Hell and take [[soul]]s with them. The entrance is located along a stream leading to where three trees meet as one, a large rock covers the entrance, once removed the the portal resides in a dark hole, which leads to a dark corridor in Hell. [[Sam Winchester]] is able to use this to rescue [[Bobby Singer]]'s [[soul]].<ref name="eight19">[[8.19 Taxi Driver]]</ref>
===Restriction and Confinement===
[[Samhain]] can only be released from Hell every six hundred years. His release requires two powerful [[witch]]es performing three blood sacrifices over three days, the last day being October 31st (Halloween).<ref name="four07">[[4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester]]</ref> [[Lilith]] was said to be imprisoned deep in the pit by Azazel, claiming who claimed her release would not be easy, but succeeded when the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]] was opened and released hundreds of demons, including Lilith.
When a demon is exorcised, escape to earth becomes more difficult, but is not impossible. After the [[Jeffrey!Demon|demon possessing]] [[Jeffrey]] gave "state secrets" to the Winchesters, the demon was placed in lockdown, and could only be summoned to earth via a specific ritual.

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