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10.18 Book of the Damned

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'''Metatron:''' No, if I'm gonna die, I want answers. Like, who are you now? You're obviously not an angel of the Lord, and what about all of this walking the Earth like Caine from ''Kung Fu'' crap? Cleaning up Heaven’s messes. How many more rogue angels are there out there? And, what are you gonna do once you’re done with all that? Go back to Heaven? Please. The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top. Smoothest its run since God cut the ribbon on the pearly gates. So tell me, Castiel, truly, what is your mission now?
:''[ Kung Fu] was a 1970s TV series which followed the travels of Caine, a Shaolin monk who traveled through the Old West in search of his brother.''
:''Metatron's use of "The angel formerly known as Hannah" is a play on "[ The artist formerly known as Prince]" which was Prince's stagename since June 7, 1993.
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