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|image= [[File:805quentin.jpg|350px]]<br>[[File:QuentinFangs.jpg|350px]]
|name= Quentin
|actor= [ Clayton Chitty]
|dates= ???? - 2013 (killed by [[Benny Lafitte]])
|location= Eagle Harbor, Washington
|occupation= [[Vampire]]
Quentin is was a [[vampire]] who is was a member of the same nest as [[BennyLafitte]] was originally. He is , and a part of [[Benny's Maker]]'s [[vampiratesVampirates|vampirate]] operation. He was also involvedin killing Benny, fifty years ago, in killing Benny.
[[File:QuentinFangs.jpg|350px|left|thumb|Quentin prepares to fight Benny.]]
===[[8.05 Blood Brother]]===
[[Benny]] tracks Quentin down to Eagle Harbor, Washington. He kills Quentin and Upon confronting him, Benny asks to know where he can find the "[[vampireBenny's Maker|old man]]", Quentin refuses to tell Benny, but promises to show him after he and his men cut off Benny's hands and feet, as their maker is going to want to see that Benny made it back to the land of the living himself. As Quentin's with fangs descend, Benny lunges towards himand cuts off his head, but not before they severely injure himturning his attention to the two other [[vampires]].
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