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Salute to Supernatural Charlotte 2020

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[[Creation Cons|Creation Entertainment]] will hold a ''Salute to Supernatural'' convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on 13-15 November 2020, at the Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord Golf Resort.
For information on other conventions, check [[:Category:Conventions|Convention Category]] and the [[Convention Calendar]].
The Twitter tag for this convention: #SPNNC
==Confirmed Guests==
* [[Jensen Ackles]] -- * [[Jared Padalecki]]* [[Misha Collins]]* [[https://twitterRichard Speight, @JensenAckles] ]* [[Rob Benedict]]* [[Matt Cohen]]* [[Mark Pellegrino]]* [[Alex Calvert]]* [[Ruth Connell]]* [[Briana Buckmaster]]* [[Kim Rhodes]]* [[Jared PadaleckiAdam Fergus]] * [[David Haydn-- Jones]]* [[ @jarpadJason Manns]] * [[Louden Swain]] (house band)  The Twitter tag for this convention: #SPNNC
==Additional Events==
* Kim & Briana's PJ Party* Ruth's Witching Hour* Dinner with David Haydn-Jones* Dick Chat with Richard Speight, Jr.* Mann's Cave with Jason Manns
* [ Salute to Supernatural Charlotte]
* [ Creation Entertainment's Website]
* [ Creation's Supernatural Cons Website]
* [ Facebook group]

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