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* Apporting – Death was able to summon his scythe to him.
* Chronokinesis – As Death, Billie froze time around Dean's suicide and Sam's attempts to revive him so that she could speak with him. This appeared to be a localized effect as the time freeze did not affect the reaper [[Jessica (Reaper)|Jessica]] or the ghosts trapped in the same house.
* Immortality – Death is exempt from all forms of pain, fatigue, age, and disease. While an incarnation of Death can be killed, the mantle of Death will move on to the next [[reaper]] to be that has been killed, ensuring that Death will eventually be the only thing to last forever.* Nigh-Omniscience – Death has an almost absolute awareness of the universe that exceeds that of the archangels, and is only rivaled by God. After Billie takes on the mantle of Death, she becomes aware of the "multi-versal quantum construct" that everyone lives in, as well as the importance of the Winchesters in the grand scheme of the universe.
* Nigh-Omnipotence – As a primordial being and being the eldest and most powerful member of the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]], Death can do almost anything that it desires, possessing a great deal of near infinite supernatural power. Death is so powerful that it is one of the few beings that can enter [[Lucifer's Cage]] without the need of the Rings of the Horsemen. Death is also powerful enough to remove and/or transfer the [[Mark of Cain]]. Death even created an eclipse by realigning the solar system.
* [[Resurrection]] – As the bringer of death, Death can resurrect all forms of life back to any state it so desires. Death could bring multiple people back to life just with his passing. However, as it violates the natural order, he almost never does, but under certain situations exceptions can be made. As Death, Billie resurrected Dean following his suicide as it was not his time to die.
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