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Melanie Merchant

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|name= Melanie Merchant
|actor= [ Jodelle Micha Ferland]
|dates= ???? - 1912 (suicide)<br>1912 - 2006 (spirit laid to rest by [[Dean Winchester]])
|location= New Paltz, New York
|occupation= [[Ghost]]
Melanie was adopted by the Merchant family after her biological family was found murdered in their beds. She subsequently killed the Merchant family as well, but the townspeople thought her adoptive father [[Isaiah Merchant]] had committed the murders. After death, Melanie continued to kill anyone who was connected with the painting of the Merchant family. Isaiah's spirit tried to warn people by changing position, as well as changing elements in the painting.
===[[1.19 Provenance]]===
Melanie's body was cremated after her death, but she is dispatched via her doll, which had hair made from Melanie's own. The doll was in the Merchant family mausoleum, where Dean finds it and burns it.

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