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12.22 Who We Are

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'''Sam:''' Is that a thing?<br>
'''Lady Bevell:''' Oh, it is. But it's outside the bunker, where we can't reach it.
:''[[Kevin Tran]] also got trapped in the Bunker during the lock down resulting from [[the Fall]] in [[8.23 Sacrifice]] until everything went back online a couple days later in [[9.02 Devil May Care]]. By the time Dean, Sam, and Crowley arrive, the lock down had ended. Kevin theorized that the system was reset when Dean opened the outside door, implying that opening the door from outside the Bunker pulls the manual override. However, the lockdown lock down in this episode ended before Dean opened the door at the top of the staircase as seen with the power and air returning before Dean reenters due to there being two doors that lead into the Bunker.''
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