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Creatures and denizens
===Creatures and denizens===
Human [[soul]]s can get sent to Hell after making [[Deals and Pacts|deals]] with [[crossroads demon]]s or other demons. [[Hellhound]]s capture then kill the person when their their time is up. Once in Hell, a soul will be tortured for centuries until the last vestiges of their humanity are burned away, creating new demons to continue the cycle of torture. The length of time it takes for a human to become a demon is unknown, as John Winchester spent a century being tortured, and was able to escape Hell in his human form. Like entry into Heaven, the criteria for a person being damned to Hell beyond selling ones soul is unknown.
|[[File:HellDenzien-1.png|thumb|350px|One of the tortured inhabitants of Hell.]]
Once a human soul has had it's humanity burned away, their once human form gives way to a more mangled and horrific visageturning them into demons. The longer a demon resides in Hell the stronger they can become, making escape somewhat more easier. Once Crowley took over Hell, access to to the earthly plane was made more difficult, as he would only allow certain demons, whom he knew he could control topside.
Hell is also home to various demonic entities:
* [[Acheri demon]]s – A lower classof demons, that like daevas , can be controlled. Unlike typical demons, Acheri are capable of manifesting as young children without the need for a meatsuit.
* [[Daeva]]s – Savage and animalistic creatures that reside in shadows, and are summoned to act as demonic pitbulls.
* [[Hellhounds]] – Originally created by [[God]] to serve as "Creator's best friend", but do to their vicious nature, God ordered them to be put down. Lucifer, showing mercy for the creatures saved one, a pregnant hound named [[Ramsey]] who was only loyal to Lucifer, which forced her to be locked away in Hell's kennel. Some point after the birth of Ramsey's litter, hellhounds were put to work by demons to collect the souls of humans who made [[crossroads]] deals, and drag them to Hell.
* [[Hellspawn]] – An unknown creature. [[John Winchester]] and [[William Anthony Harvelle]] attempted to trap one at [[Devil's Gate Reservoir]] in 1995.
* ''[[Shedim]]'' – Demonic creatures deemed Hell's most savage and base, that God locked them away in the deepest caverns of Hell. So dangerous were the ''shedim'', even Lucifer feared their release unto the world, so much so he permanently scarred [[Asmodeus]] for releasing and trying to control them.

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