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1.15 The Benders

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:''(plays while Pa Bender is in the kitchen)''
* ???? - ????"Whiskey and Guns" by Jim Moncur (AudioSparx)
:''(plays at Kugel's Kec bar, with Dean playing dart and Sam doing research)''
* "Sweet and Low Down" by George Gershwin
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
This is one of only three five episodes to date where the [[monsters]] are human, the others being [[4.11 Family Remains]] and , [[11.08 Just My Imagination]], [[13.11 Breakdown]] and [[9.15 thinman]].
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* [ Promo]
==Episode Meta==
*[[SPN Heavy Meta]] Season One Meta Index
*Bond, Silvia. 2007. A Case of the Benders: "The Benders" Season 1, Episode 15. ''Pink Raygun'', September 19; [ archive link]
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