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4.11 Family Remains (transcript)

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== ACT ONE ==
<br />'''INT. IMPALA - NIGHT'''<br />SAM wakes from sleeping in the backseat of the Impala, DEAN is studying some papers<br /><br />SAM<br />What are you doing?<br /><br />DEAN<br />What it looks like I'm doing<br /><br />SAM<br />Like you're looking for a job.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Yahtzee.<br /><br />SAM<br />We just finished a job like two hours ago.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Adrenaline's still pumping, I guess. So, what do you think... Cedar rapids, Tulsa, or chi-Town?<br /><br />SAM<br />I am all for working. I really am. But you got us chasing cases nonstop for like a month now. We need sleep.<br /><br />DEAN<br />We can sleep when we're dead.<br /><br />SAM<br />You're exhausted, Dean.<br /><br />DEAN<br />I'm good.<br />SAM<br />No, you're not. You're running on fumes, and you can't run forever.<br /><br />DEAN<br />And what am I running from?<br /><br />SAM<br />From what you told me. Or are we pretending that never happened?<br /><br />DEAN<br />Stratton, Nebraska -- Farm town. A man gets hacked to death in a locked room inside a locked house. No signs of forced entry.<br /><br />SAM<br />Sounds like a ghost.<br />DEAN<br />Yes, it does.<br /><br />'''EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - DAY'''<br />As the Impala drives into the house road we see the ''SOLD'' sign hidden in the grass.<br /><br />'''INT. FARM - DAY'''<br /><br />DEAN<br />Boy, three bedrooms, two baths, and one homicide. This place is gonna sell like hotcakes.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Hey, check this out.<br /><br />SAM<br />It's probably a dumbwaiter. All these old houses had them.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Know-It-All.<br /><br />SAM<br />What?<br />DEAN<br />What?<br /><br />SAM<br />You said...<br /><br />DEAN<br />What?<br /><br />SAM<br />Never mind.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Well, no bloodstains, fresh coat of paint, This is a bunch of bubkes.<br /><br />SAM<br />Needle's all over the place.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Yeah -- Power lines.<br /><br />SAM<br />Great. So, uh...<br /><br />DEAN<br />Well, that's super-Disturbing.<br /><br />SAM<br />Think it got left behind?<br /><br />DEAN<br />By who? Unless bill Gibson likes to play with doll heads.<br /><br />DEAN<br />I thought you said this place was still for sale.<br /><br />SAM<br />Apparently, it's not.<br /><br />'''EXT. FARM - DAY'''<br /><br />DANNY<br />Come on, Buster!<br /><br />SUSAN<br />What do you think? It's nice, right?<br /><br />KATE<br />Did anyone bother to check if we get a signal out here?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Actually, I did, Kate. But we decided to move anyway, just to ruin your life. Come on. Let's unpack.<br /><br />KATE<br />Uncle Ted, please back me up here.<br /><br />TED<br />Kid's right, bri. You're ruining her life.<br /><br />KATE<br />See?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Thanks for the help, uncle Ted<br /><br />TED<br />I call it like I see it, buddy.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />What?<br />SUSAN<br />Be nice.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />I am nice. What do you think? We do okay?<br /><br />SUSAN<br />I don't know.<br /><br />KATE<br />Who are they?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Can I help you?<br /><br />DEAN<br />Hi. Are you the new owner?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Yeah. You guys are...?<br /><br />DEAN<br />This is Mr. Stanwyk. I'm Mr. Babar. County code enforcement. <br /><br />BRIAN<br />We had the building inspected last week. Is there a problem?<br /><br />SAM<br />Asbestos in the walls, a gas leak -- Yeah, I'd say we got a problem.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />Asbestos? Meaning what?<br /><br />SAM<br />Meaning until this house is up to code, it's uninhabitable.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />You're saying we can't stay here?<br /><br />DEAN<br />It's a health hazard. You don't want to.<br /><br />TED<br />Hold up. We just drove 400 miles.<br /><br />DEAN<br />There's a motel just down the road. Till this gets cleaned up, I suggest you stay there.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />All right, and what if we don't?<br /><br />DEAN<br />Well, you get a fine, you go to jail. Pick your poison.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />One night. One night, and I'll take care of everything, A.S.A.P. -- I promise.<br />DEAN<br />Yeah, you do that.<br /><br />KATE<br />Another motel? Awesome, dad. I hope this one has hooker sheets, like the last one.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Come on, Danny!<br /><br />'''EXT. CURRY'S HOME - DAY'''<br /><br />SAM<br />What did the room look like when you found it, Mrs. Curry?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />I already told t local boys -- There was blood...everywhere.<br /><br />DEAN<br />And Mr. Gibson -- Where was he?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />Everywhere.<br /><br />SAM<br />How long have you been cleaning Mr. Gibson's house?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />About five years.<br /><br />DEAN<br />So you knew him pretty well.<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />Not really well. He was real private. Not the easiest man. Not that I blame him.<br /><br />SAM<br />What do you mean?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />His wife dies in childbirth. Daughter hangs herself in the attic 20 years later. I'd be bitter, too. I think I got some pictures.<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />Here.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Thanks. Can we keep these?<br />MRS CURRY<br />Suit yourself.<br /><br />SAM<br />Now, why'd the daughter kill herself?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />I don't know. That was before my time.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Did you ever notice anything odd in the house when you were cleaning it?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />Like what?<br /><br />DEAN<br />Like, you know, like lights going on and off, things not being where you left them.<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />No. Well, maybe there was one thing.<br /><br />SAM<br />What's that?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />Well, sometimes, I thought I heard like a... Rustling in the walls.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Like a rat?<br />MRS CURRY<br />Yeah.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Must have been some big sons of guns out there, huh?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />Wouldn't know. Never saw any.<br /><br />SAM<br />Do you happen to know where Mrs. Gibson and her daughter were buried?<br /><br />MRS CURRY<br />They were both cremated.<br /><br />SAM<br />All right. So it probably wasn't the mom or the daughter. Whose ghost was it?<br />DEAN<br />I don't know. But I say we give that place a real once-over and see.<br /><br />'''EXT. FARM - DAY'''<br /><br />TED<br />Code enforcement, my ass. There's no asbestos.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />You sure?<br /><br />TED<br />Hell yes. I've built enough homes to know that. No gas leak, either.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Who were those guys?<br /><br />TED<br />Not from the county -- I can tell you that.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />Hey! You okay?<br /><br />KATE<br />Yeah. I just thought I saw something, that's all.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />It -- It's gonna be great here, Kate. It really is.<br /><br />KATE<br />Yeah, mom. I'm sure. Everything's gonna change.<br /><br />'''INT. DANNY'S ROOM - NIGHT'''<br /><br />SUSAN [ Out of sight ]<br />Danny! Are you unpacking?<br /><br />DANNY<br />Yeah. I'm almost finished.<br /><br />DANNY<br />Hello?<br />It's okay.<br />I'm Danny<br />Hi!<br /><br />'''INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT'''<br /><br />SUSAN<br />"Zucchini will grow, but the soil is too acidic for beets." Do you understand any of this?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Can you smell that? That. It smells like a raccoon died up there or something.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />That's pleasant. Thank you. Can I continue having a conversation with myself?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Well, I'm listening. A...vegetable... garden.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />What are we doing, bri?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />What do you mean?<br />SUSAN<br />Us...on a farm... Talking about zucchini.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />It's gonna be different. I promise you. We're gonna be happy.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />And if we're not?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />We will be. We have to be.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />I can't put the kids through another year like the last.<br /><br />'''EXT. FARM - NIGHT'''<br /><br />DEAN<br />Crap. So, what now?<br /><br />SAM<br />We could tell them the truth.<br /><br />DEAN<br />Really?<br />SAM<br />No, not really.<br /><br />'''INT. DINING ROOM - NIGHT'''<br /><br />TED<br />Hey, guys! You're gonna want to come see this!<br /><br />SUSAN<br />What the...<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Crayon. Danny!<br /><br />DANNY<br />Yeah?<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Get your butt down here!<br /><br />TED<br />Tell you what -- If my kid did this <br />SUSAN<br />He's not your kid, Ted. Just butt out.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />Hey. Go easy on him. The teacher said he might act out.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Hey, buddy. Something you want to tell me and your mom?<br /><br />DANNY<br />I didn't do that.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Okay. Look, just tell me the truth, and all you got to do is clean it up, okay? No punishment.<br /><br />DANNY<br />But I didn't. The girl in the walls did it.<br /><br />SUSAN<br />The girl in the walls?<br /><br />DANNY<br />She wants you to go and me to stay.<br /><br />BRIAN<br />All right, one last time -- The truth, buddy.<br /><br />DANNY<br />That is the truth. I can stay, but she hate grownups. And if you don't leave, she's gonna get really, really mad!<br /><br />BRIAN<br />All right, go to your room.<br /><br />DANNY<br />Mom!<br />If Andy were here, he'd believe me!<br /><br />BRIAN<br />Upstairs -- Now!<br /><br />''' INT. KATE'S ROOM - NIGHT'''<br /><br />KATE<br />It's okay, Buster. It's okay. I hate it here, too. Buster! Gross! What's the matter with you?<br /><br />KATE<br />Oh, my god. Oh, god.<br />
<br />
<br />
== ACT TWO ==

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