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13.12 Various & Sundry Villains (transcript)

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[We see the bloody hammer head being drug away on the asphalt]<br>
Title Sequence Season 13<br>
Act I: Interior MoL bunker<br>
DEAN: Alright! We’ve got “Principia Phantasmagoria.” [throws each large book onto a pile of books in front of Sam] We have “Archive of the Unnatural Occurrences.” And we’ve got “Jower et Nuet.” Kind of a weird name.<br>
SAM: I’m sure he is doing the best he can. Just go get beer or… [waves Dean away]<br>
[Dean taps the pile of books as he leaves as if to remind Sam to get busy as well] <br>
[We return to Castiel in the cell waiting/contemplating. A demon walks by to check the prisoners. We see Lucifer unsuccessfully trying to reach a stick in his cell with his powers]<br>
Demon: [mockingly] Huh, I always thought you’d have a bigger stick.<br>
[Sam grabs Dean’s shoulder. Dean turns quickly and punches Sam, knocking him out cold]<br>
DEAN: Oooh. Right on the button. Listen, when I get back from my date, I’m going to help you ice that, okay? [heads up spiral staircase] All right, thanks. Good talk, pal! Good talk!<br>
[The two girls are waiting outside the market]<br>
JAMIE: You gonna make that call after we get the book?<br>
ROWENA: How depressingly Midwestern.<br>
DEAN: [shutting off Baby’s engine] All right, Red. Where to?<br>
ROWENA: The tracking spell isn’t like GPS. The book is not moving and it’s in this general area. [with a bit of distaste] We’ll need or to speak to the yokels.<br>
DEAN: Okay, well, small-town folks usually like to look out for themselves.<br>
ROWENA: I can make them talk.<br>
LUCIFER: [swinging the cell door open] Whoops. [Demon turns to run only to face Castiel outside his cell]<br>
CASTIEL: Someone got mad and broke his warding. [Castiel smites the demon]<br>
[Lucifer and Castile Castiel make for the exit armed with an angel blade. Two demons show up behind them, quickly joined by two more]<br>
LUCIFER: [raising the angel blade] Good times.<br>
ROWENA: [Zombie comes after Rowena growling and hissing] Ooh!<br>
JENNIE: And she’s totally gonna eat your brain. <br>
[Rowena runs into another room slamming the door behind her. The zombie continues to growl and his hiss as she proceeds to violently bang on the door]<br>
[Exterior parking lot. Daylight]<br>

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