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Wayward Continues
==Wayward Continues==
[[File:Wayward podcast.jpg|right|thumb|300px]]
In October 2018, Kim and Brianna announced that they were teaming up to produce the [[Wayward Podcast]]. [ Kim said of the podcast]:
: “This podcast is not about Supernatural, it’s not about the fandom, it’s about our perspective on life as two friends and two women moving through this world. “We’re inviting the fans to stop being fans and start being fellows. I really love the fact that this has been inspired by not having a TV show, and we actually don’t see it as our consolation prize; we see it as more than a TV show because humanity and connection is so much bigger than a television show, and now we have an opportunity to do that. We have the opportunity to increase what we are, not out of ego, but out of passion for connection and authenticity.”

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