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13.10 Wayward Sisters
:"Having lost her family at a young age. By the time she reached adulthood, she was on her own, completely disconnected from her roots, as she tried to understand a burgeoning gift: In her dreams, Kaia walks between worlds — a rare and terrifying power she experiences only as a curse… a power she doesn’t understand and can’t yet control. Flinty, sarcastic, and profoundly haunted, Kaia is nevertheless strong and willful as hell — she’s had to be to survive this long on her own."''
==[[13.10 Wayward Sisters|Wayward Sisters]]==
The pilot for the Wayward Sisters series was the first episode back in 2018. It had been set up with the introduction of Patience earlier in the season, and the mid-season finale had introduced Kaia, and flung the Winchesters into the Bad Place.
Ahead of the broadcast, [ CW President Mark Pedwotiz said] "“I’ve seen it, I like it but the fans determine. Nothing is perfect but the real question is whether fans will go watch it if the boys aren’t in it. I don’t know but it works, the characters work, Kathryn Newton is a real star, the actress who plays Donna (Briana Buckmaster) is hilarious.”
The pilot for the Wayward Sisters series bought in solid ratings and rated as the second highest scripted show on the [ Nielsen Social] ratings. Reviews from media blogs and fans alike were overwhelmingly positive. (Except for the small group of fans who had never liked the concept and resented Sam and Dean not being central to the episode). Fandom was also inspired to art and write by the episode.

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