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[ In an interview] in the Halloween edition of [[Entertainment Weekly]] producer Andrew Dabb said that Wayward features "a much larger support system for the central characters, a key detail for the writers. “What is possible if you have more than just a sibling relationship to guide you through this process,” Berens says. “Could it be different? Could it be less psychologically and physically damaging than what we’ve seen Sam and Dean go through? That’s a really core question of the show.”"
==The Pilot==
The pilot for the Wayward Sisters series was the first episode back in 2018. It had been set up with the introduction of Patience earlier in the season, and the mid-season finale had introduced Kaia, and flung the Winchesters into the Bad Place.
The episode bought in solid ratings and rated as the second highest scripted show on the Nielsen Social ratings. Reviews from media blogs and fans alike were overwhelmingly positive. (Except for the small group of fans who had never liked the concept and resented Sam and Dean not being central to the episode). Fandom was also inspired to art and write by the episode.

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