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Winchesters in Hell
Sam later has to sneak into Hell as a part of the [[trials]] needed to close the [[Gates of Hell]] and banish all [[demon]]s from the the world, forever. He is able to do this through the help of a rogue [[reaper]] named [[Ajay]], Ajay is able to get Sam into Hell by first taking him into [[Purgatory]] and telling him of a backdoor into Hell. Once Sam locates the entrance, he is transported to one of Hell's dungeons, it's there he is able to locate and rescue [[Bobby Singer]]'s [[soul]]. Together, they escape into Purgatory and with the help of a recently deceased [[Benny Lafitte]] are able to find the [[portal]] back to Earth, where Bobby is finally released unto [[Heaven]].
Sam once again harrows a journey into Hell years later, in order to communicate with Lucifer without opening the Cage. Crowley would accompany Sam and his mother, Roweana[[Rowena]], to the deepest section of Hell, referred to as "Limbo."
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