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13.21 Beat the Devil (transcript)

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Sam? Sam? Sam? (beeping of an alarm begins to accompany each word)
[The previous scene was a dream. Sam is actually lying in his bed. He gasps and jolts awake, the beeping noise is his alarm. He reaches over and turns off the alarm. Rubbing his hands down his face, he folds back the covers to sit up on the side of the bed. He drags his hands down his face again and blinks , trying to wake up.] 
ROWENA (pulling out the fruit)
Fruit from the tree of life.
[Sam is kneeling in the background testing flashlights]
ROWENA (continuing)
We open up the rift, it gives us a day to find and save your Mom and the boy. And it’s a very big world over there, and your you’re not even sure where they are, so...
[While Rowena talks, we see Sam load his hand gun. The three men have been listening to Rowena while they work.]
It’ll be more than enough to get the job done.
[Rowena and Cas exchange skeptical glances. Music with a dramatic drum roll drumroll begins as we get a montage of the group in final preparations. Cas twirls his angel blade. Rowena pours the blood of a most holy man into the bowl. Gabriel runs his fingers down his angel blade, as if testing the sharpness. Rowena crushes the blood -covered fruit with the pestle. Dean tightens the straps on his back packbackpack, face grimly focused. Rowena pours in the tiny amount of grace from the vial. Sam straightens his jacket, also serious and focused. The contents of the bowl begin to glow.
ROWENA (casting the spell)
We need Lucifer.
[As the camera pans into the room, we see Dean leaning up against the counter, Cas is leaning against the table, and Sam, with his back to us is sitting by the doorway.]
Obviously, I want to get Mom and Jack back. It’s all I want. It’s all I can think about. But we’ve been down this road before. Teaming up with Lucifer --
Look, Sam, I was used by Lucifer, too. It was the worst possible violation. So I-I’m not taking your reluctance lightly, but he is already out there, and we’ve been ignoring it and avoiding dealing with him because we’re afraid.
[Sam looks up at Cas , then looks down again. He still looks angry, but also seems frightened and ashamed.]
CAS (continues)
ROWENA (cutting him off patronizingly)
Gabriel, please.
[Gabriel turns a page in the book aggressively, behaving defensively.]
Just cause ’cause I take a little extra time to recover --
ROWENA (cutting him off again)
...who …who screwed up that spell.
The Three Amigos? With their bro hugs, pep talks, and melodrama? Count on it.
[Rowena begins checking out Gabriel’s jean -clad butt.]
ROWENA (thinking silently as she ogles the archangel)
Quite a tidy, wee tush ge’s he’s got going on there. Sort of...cuteof…cute.
[Gabriel turns towards her and Rowena looks away quickly.]
GABRIEL (thinking silently as he checks her out)
Oh, she’s so tiny…so angry. That milky white skin, dancers dancer’s body. God, I bet she’s flexib--
[Rowena turns back as if aware that he was looking at her, and Gabriel cuts himself off and quickly turns away again.]
How would you like to fill it?
[The camera moves from her eyes to his. Rowena is batting her eyes, giving him a come -hither look, but Gabriel seems a little confused.]
I know a thing or two about wounded masculine pride.
[She trails her finger tip fingertip over the top of the pestle. They continue eye contact, then Gabriel’s eyes widen as he catches on to her innuendo. Then the scene cuts back to the Winchesters and Cas in the kitchen.]
Well , hey, bright side is, even if we do pull it off, we still only get 24 hours in the Apocalypse world. And Rowena’s right. We’ll be lucky to even hear a word of Mom and Jack, much less save em’em, so…
[Dean clicks his tongue with a sarcastic two thumbs up gesture. Sam smiles briefly then his brow furrows as he has an idea.]
CAS (curious)
Uh…we were just…
Lucifer (opens the bottle)
You know what? All this time, there was one thing that mattered. I had a son. (getting weepy) You know, I used to be able to sense him. You know, feel him in the world. Ever since I’ve been down here I can’t--I can’t feel him. It’s like he dropped off the face of the Earth. Not that finding him would change anything. His bitch of a mother poisoned him against me, probably forever.
LUCIFER (in a sing-song voice)
Ah, I swear that I didn’t. (dropping the humour) Who are you , pal?
[Lucifer goes to get up, but falls off the bar stool and collapses against the bar, unsteady on his feet. The bartender is drying glasses at the other end of the bar and just smiles as he watches Lucifer stuggle. Lucifer shakes his head and we see through his eyes. He looks at the bartender and his vision is blurry.]
Yeah. Kinda spiked your drink. Think of it as a magical roofie--powerful enough to bring down any archangel, even me.
[As we continue to see through Lucifer’s eyes, the bartender becomes Gabriel. A look of disbelief crosses Lucifer’s face. Suddenly Gabriel appears beside Lucifer on this side of the bar.]
Hey , brother.
[Lucifer startles and scuttles around Gabriel. Pointing , pointing a finger at Gabriel.]
[Lucifer makes a yuck sound, turns and runs out the door. He closes it, but when he turns around he finds himself back in the bar. Gabriel is back behind the bar , drying glasses again.]
Adligetur fera!
[Magical purple cords wrap around Lucifer’s wrists , essentially handcuffing him. Gabriel appears behind him and slaps a hand on his shoulder , shoving Lucifer to sit back down on the stool. He pulls out the archangel blade and waves it in Lucifer’s face.]
LUCIFER (looking at the blade)
[Lucifer begins laughing , which turns to sobbing. Gabriel and Rowena seem confused at this out -of -character submissiveness.
LUCIFER (while crying)
Well, okay, do it. Put me out of my misery. Go ahead.
[Rowena and Gabriel exchange disgruntled looks. Gabriel raises the archangel blade and then slams the hilt into Lucifer’s head , knocking him out.]
[Rowena’s hands are seen mashing some Fruit of Life in a bowl with a pestle. Lucifer wakes up on his knees, his . His hands are still tied with the magical cords. Rowena is standing behind Lucifer at one of the library tables. Dean is sitting on the table top with his back to her.]  
ROWENA (noticing Lucifer)
He’s awake.
What’s the occasion , guys?
[Rowena puts the bowl down on the floor in front of where Lucifer is kneeling.]
Good guess.
[Cas brings up his angel blade and makes a small incision in Lucifer’s throat. His archangel grace flows out of his throat into the bowl with the spell ingredients. Once Cas released releases his head, the wound closes a bit and the grace only drips out in small spurts. Lucifer looks up at Rowena, Dean and Gabriel who were watching.]
LUCIFER (at Gabriel)
SAM (as he talks Sam puts on his back pack.)
Use you not to just crack the door open, but to keep it open. So we’re gonna drain you. We’re gonna keep on draining you.
DEAN (as he talks he swings his bag onto his shoulder.)
[The group begins to move towards where Dean pointed.]
[We see Lucifers Lucifer’s grace as it continues to drip into the spell. He is still on his knees magically bound and leaning over the bowl. He looks at the rift then over at Rowena.]
Although, I did tick off some, uh , bucket list items recently. Got some revenge. Had sex with a 300-year-old redhead. But what’s next for me? I don’t really know.
This world is, um, is obviously glutted with angels, but back home in our world you know it’s -- it’s just Naomi and a handful of others. They’re trying to keep the lights on, but Heaven’s dying , Gabriel.
[Gabriel seems shocked by this news.]
And you think I could fix it? Yeesh. I skipped out on Heaven, Castiel. They wouldn’t want me back. As far as they’re concerned, I’m a screw-up. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, I’m a screw-up.
I don’t know. Maybe it’s just, you know, Mom and Jack and...You know, I mean, we’ve been working at it so hard for this for so long, and now we’re finally here. We’re close. Can’t you feel it?
[Sam laughs a bit, definitely happier than he has been. Dean looks at him, seemingly pleased to see Sam smile. Suddenly a woman’s scream echos echoes through the forest. Sam and Dean stop to listen and then run towards the noise. They pass Gabriel and Cas.]
GABRIEL (warningly at the Winchesters as they pass)
Maggie, run!
[With a scream, Maggie jumps on the back of the monster and pulls him off the man who falls to the ground. The monster flips Maggie off his back and to the ground. The monster screams at her, baring it’s its many teeth. We see Dean point a shot gun shotgun at the monster, but then Sam comes into frame and beheads it with a machete. The monster drops to the ground as it’s its head falls off. Dean extends a hand to Maggie to help her up off the ground.]
Starvation. When Michael's Michael’s armies started to wipe out the humans, they didn’t think about monsters or what happened to ‘em when their food source dried up. Turns out, not eating makes them wild. Nothing but pure, stupid appetite. 
Which way you headed?
There’s a mountain pass, but it’s a long way around. Tunnel’s the quickest route.
Shut your mouth! --Oh! You want to get inside my head, twist the knife? Two can play that game. Do you know what your grace is making possible right now? The heartfelt family runion reunion of Sam, Dean, Cas, Mary, and your very own son Jack. That's right. Your wee boy's over there, and he'll be so glad to see his three fathers. Of course, as far as he's concerned, they are his father. And you? You're nothing to him. Or me. Or anyone now. Nothing.
[Behind Lucifer’s back the magical cords binding him begin to falter. He stares at the rift in front of him. In a burst of anger, he breaks the bonds holding him, rises to his feet and grabs Rowena by the throat. Lucifer’s eyes are glowing red.]
[Rowena is gasping and choking, her feet off the ground. With his powers he propels them across the room, slamming Rowena into a wall. He wipes a hand across the cut in his throat, healing it.]
You and Gabe, you kicked me when I was down. I didn’t have any fight. I didn’t have anything to live for. But you, you, you gave me something to fight for again. My boy. So for that, I’m going to be quick.
Fine. This isn't isn’t how you wanted things to work out, but yes, Rowena, thanks to you, Sam and Dean'll Dean’ll be trapped in some sort of nightmare universe with the Devil himself. And you're you’re the only person who might be able to devise a way to keep the door back home open for them. But...Sorry, boys. Au revoir, bon voyage, not my problem.
[She turns to leave, but her conscious conscience gets the better of her and she turns back around.]
ROWENA (angrily)
Let’s do this!
[The group has pulled out glow sticks which they have put around their necks. Sam peels back the corrugated metal covering the tunnel entrance. Dean takes point, shot gun shotgun up as the rest of the team follow. Sam enters last, guarding the rear. The group activate the glow sticks and begin to move quietly through the dark and creepy tunnel.]
I’ve got it. I’ve got it.
[Floyd is screaming. A vampire jumps on Maggie and pulls her away from Floyd who is being dragged off his feet and into a side tunnel. Dean moves to join the fight. A vampire grabs Sam’s arm, but he is able to push that one away too. Maggie is struggling. Dean puts his shotgun around the vamps vamp’s neck and pulls it off of Maggie. The vampire slides away but then turns and charges Dean. Dean puts up his shotgun but the vampire drives him back against the tunnel wall. They begin to grapple for control as the vamp tries to get to Dean’s throat. Sam is across the room and is attacked again. He pushes the vampire off, and moves to swing his machete when a second vampire grabs his arm and twists the blade out of his hand. A second vampire grabs his other side, knocking Sam to his knees. Dean sees Sam in trouble and redoubles his efforts to break free from his vampire attacker.]
[We see blood spurting from Sam’s throats in a huge fountain of blood. The vampire obviously severed Sam’s carotid artery. Sam instantly becomes glassy -eyed and weak.]
SAM (gasping with his last breath)
[The vampire keeps Sam’s head back. A massive amount of blood pours out of Sam’s neck. Dean is horrified at seeing Sam’s fatal wound and is finally able to push his attacker away. He goes towards his brother but the vampire jumps on Dean’s back. He fights to throws it off while he sees the two vamps quickly drag the now limp Sam down a dark side tunnel. Maggie is just standing there stunned when Cas rushes to her side. Obviously , this all took place very quickly. Cas rushes down the tunnel that Sam was dragged down.]
CAS (shouting desperately)
[Dean manages to flip the vampire off of his back and beheads it with a vicious swing. Another vamp appears and Maggie screams. Dean literally blows it’s its head off with his shotgun. He hears Castiel calling down the tunnel and rushes towards the angel.]
[Maggie stands horrified as Dean rushes past. They can still hear growling and snarling down the tunnel. Gabriel comes to stand beside her, shocked , as they watch the mouth of the side tunnel , looking for Cas and Dean. Cas walks out of the darkness and intercepts Dean at the mouth of the tunnel with a hand to his chest.]
CAS (to get Dean’s attention)
We can’t save him.
 [Dean is horrified as what Cas is telling him starts to sink in. He stares into the darkness where Sam was taken then stares back at Cas. The angel is unable to meet Dean’s eyes and looks down, grief -stricken. Dean is practically hyperventilating, frozen in sudden grief and horror.]
[We see the shadows cast from an industrial fan that acts as a window to the daylight outside. Then we see Sam’s lifeless, blood -covered hands. The camera pans out and we see Sam’s body in the filtered light. He is lying on his back, slightly propped up by his backpack, arms out at his sides in a crucifixion pose. His eyes are open and unseeing and we can see the gaping, bloody wound on his neck. There is no doubt that Sam is dead.] 
Oh, she’s okay. I mean I -- I was going to kill her, but she blasted me here before I had a chance to, so... It’s great, self -defence. But, uh, I was coming here anyway.
[Lucifer shrugs. Sam is confused.]
[Lucifer holds his fingers ready to snap them while Sam stares in horror at the sea of vampires. Finally Sam turns, furious at Lucifer’s games.]
SAM (forcefully in anger)
[We see people going about their activities in the camp. Armed guards are alert for outside attack as they escort Cas, Gabriel and Maggie into the colony. Mary and Dean follow closely behind as they all walk through an open -sided shed that is the entrance into the centre of camp. The camera cuts to a closer view of Maggie who has her pack in front of her on the ground. She is unzipping it. Gabriel is stilling on a fallen log, tearing a leaf apart with his fingers, looking dejected. The camera cuts to Jack who is agitatedly pacing behind the log while he talks to Castiel.]
JACK (under his breath)
We have to go back, get his body.
[Dean picks up his gun determinedly and start walking. Mary says nothing, but follows behind looking sad and lost. A bell starts to clang, signalling an alarm of some kind. Dean, Mary, Jack, Cas and Gabriel all look around in concern. We see Dean’s eyes open wider as everyone looks at the shed that marks the entrance to the colony. We see boots, then blood crusted jeans, then the camera pans up to see show a bloody, but alive Sam Winchester walking into camp. Sam looks around. We see Jack’s face light up , while Cas , who is standing just behind Jack , looks stunned.]
Jack (with joy)
LUCIFER (to Jack)
Hello , son.
[Sam glances cautiously at his brother, but Dean is still focused on Lucifer.]

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