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13.19 Funeralia (transcript)

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Act 1 <br>
An art gallery in the pacific North WestPacific Northwest. Rowena is stood stands at the bar.<br>Rowena : Hello boys. I’m very sure I haven’t done anything that you know of to make you want to call , but how lovely to hear from you.<br>Sam , Dean and Cas are in the bunker.<br>Sam : That’s not…we ...erm.<br>Rowena : you’ll You’ll have to speak up . <br>Dean : We need your help.<br>Rowena : Really?<br>Castiel : We must assemble our most powerful allies to rescue our family and confront the Archangel Michael. Now he’s… in an alternate universe…<br>Rowena : Uh, the handsome angel is there , isn’t he? Hello tweety pie.<br>Castiel : erm …..Erm… hello.<br>Rowena : Obviously I’d love to help after what you….. Sam did for me but I’m in the damp pacific North West Pacific Northwest right now working on my own little project.<br>Dean : Project?<br>Sam : What project?<br>Rowena : Och , nothing for you to worry about. Just checking a few items off my to -do list.<br>Dean : Sure , that doesn’t sound ominous . {sarcasm}<br>Sam : Are you at a party or something?<br>Rowena : I am ,but I’m surprised you recognise the sounds of a party , seeing as you are all work and no play.<br>Dean : Look , we didn’t call to talk. We…….the We…the world is in danger , Rowena.<br>Rowena : And I’m currently surrounded by art that makes me think the world should be in danger. Best of luck to you boys. { she holds the phone close to her mouth}…. My three little musketeers… kiss kiss.<br>Dean : Damn it!<br>Castiel : You know she’s right…… right… you never go to parties. { Sam and Dean exchange looks of disbelief and Dean shakes his head.}<br>Back at the Partyparty<br>Rowena { approaches one of the guests} : Good afternoon.<br>Lady Guest : Hello.<br>Rowena : You’re Elizabeth Mahler , aren’t you?.<br>Elizabeth : Yes, do I know you?<br>Rowena : No, but I know you. I saw you in the newspaper , didn’t I? In the ''Oregon Tribune''.<br>Elizabeth : There’s no need to bring up any of that unpleasantness.<br>Rowena : Of course not, my humblest apologies . { hears Tango tango music} Oh Bernard, they’re playing my song. Be a darling , will you? { She hands Elizabeth her handbag} Glad you could make it too.{ Rowena dances the tango with Bernard and at the last move mutters} Mors Lumena!<br>Elizabeth screams and spontaneously combusts!<br>
Title Card<br>
In the bunker kitchen , Cas and Dean are talking. Dean is drinking coffee.<br>Dean : You know what? Forget Rowena…Rowena. There’s gotta be some other way we can track down Gabriel and hijack his grace.<br>Cas : Even though he could be any place on earth…. Or technically anywhere in the entire universe?<br>Dean : I didn’t say it was gonna be easy , but err…. Alright…. C’mon ideas…… , ideas… {closes his eyes and thinks hard} here Here we go……go.{ silence from both of them} Nah, I need a real drink…… drink… I’m gonna get a beer…beer.. you You wanna beer?<br>Castiel : No.<br>Dean : I’ll get beer.<br>Castiel : { suddenly has an idea} The Angels.<br>Dean : What?<br>Cas : Maybe Heaven can help us?<br>Dean : Ah , not for nothing , but don’t the angels mostly want to kill you?<br>Cas : Yes , this would be something of a hail Mary.<br>Dean : mmMm.<br>Cas : It’s a sports term , like slam dunk or ball handler.<br>Dean : That’s , err… { tolerant face} No , I don’t think that’s gonna be a good idea.<br>Cas : Well , Dean , we don’t have any good ideas.<br>Dean : Ok Okay, let’s just not barrel through with that like a …. You know….. like the Donatello thing.<br>Cas : We had our disagreements , but we got results.<br>Dean : That doesn’t make it okokay.<br>Cas : I hear your concerns , and yes , the angels loathe me , and there’s going to be dangers , but heaven Heaven doesn’t want the world to end any more than we do.<br>
Sam enters the kitchen with his laptop.<br>
Cas : This is something that I have to try.<br>Sam : We got a problem.<br>Dean : Another one…? Awesome.. Awesome<br>Sam : All the stuff that Rowena said on the phone… visiting the North West, art gallery, party….. I think I found her.{ he hands the tablet to Dean who reads the article}<br>Dean : A rich lady exploded!<br>Sam : Yeah…local cops are calling it spontaneous combustion…… combustion… pretty much.<br>Cas : That does sound like Rowena.<br>Dean : I knew it….. I friggin ' knew it , man! You gave her that page! What do you think was gonna happen , ha?<br>Sam : She wanted to protect herself.<br>Dean : Yeah , by barbecuing someone!<br>Sam : We don’t know what this is yet. Maybe she had a reason…..<br>Dean : Doesn’t matter what the reason is….. That’s not ok.okay!<br>Sam : Ok Okay, I said if Rowena goes bad again I’d deal with it…. So I’ll deal with it.<br>Dean : You better. Cas, you wanna try this angel thing , then go for it….. Just don’t get dead again.<br>
Act 2 <br>
Takes place in the playground where Cas hopes to access heavenHeaven.<br>Cas Hello! EndraIndra?<br>Endra Indra: Castiel { Endra Indra appears from the climbing frame with a bottle of alcohol in his hands}, nice blade. Aww , are we going to fight?<br>Cas : No, no I don’t want to…. I just want to get in to heaveninto Heaven.<br>Endra Indra: Ok, who’s stopping you?<br>Cas : This isn’t the welcome I was expecting.<br>Endra Indra: Yeah , well… were we’re all having to deal with disappointment lately. Look { he slides down the monkey bars} I could get it together to err….. battle if ya want. I mean , none of the angels are exactly thrilled with your on going adventures , but personally….{ he drinks sadly from the bottle in his hand}<br>Cas : Is that a…… a… are you drunk?<br>Endra Indra: Well, not yet , but if I keep drinking at this pace , it’ll start to at least take the edge off.<br>Cas : Endra Indra, this is an important responsibility. You’re guarding the gates of heavenHeaven!<br>Endra Indra: Oh, you think it’s an important responsibility? You? { he laughs and drinks some more}<br>
Cas Endra!<br>
Endra Indra: Hey, hey, between us , if you wanna just say we fought and angel blade me right now…… now… that’d be ok.<br>Cas : Is that a joke!?<br>Endra Indra: Is it?<br>Cas : EndraIndra, whats what’s wrong?<br>Endra Indra: See for yourself. For what it’s worth…. Good luck.<br>{ Cas steps in to the sandpit and disappears in a swirl of dust}<br>
Act 3<br>
Heaven, the corridor leading to the throne.<br>
Cas : Hello! Hello……..hello…Hello…hello…<br>{Dumah and 2 two other angels approach Cas}<br>Cas : Dumah, I need to talk to you. I know you want to murder me and I know that you have good reason to want to murder me but there are events unfolding on earth and err …well… err… well… the Archangel Gabriel is alive and I need to find him before Michael… who’s not our Michael….. it’s another Michael…… Michael… a much much worse Michael. I need to find him before that Michael invades the world to either subjugate or destroy it or both , probably in that order….. and there’s also the problem of a missing Nephilim and Lucifer….. he’s back too. It’s been an eventful few weeks. I realise that this may be a long shot but….. {the lights dim}….. What is that?<br>Dumah : Castiel, I think, I think that maybe we could help each other.<br>
Act 4 Sam and Dean are driving Baby and trying to get in touch with Rowena.<br>Sam : { calling}<br>Dean : Still no answer?<br>Sam : Yep, still no answer<br>Dean : Ya know I don’t wanna be right about this but… I mean.. look…. I want the fun flirty Rowena that mostly helps us , but you gotta be ready for…… for… not that.<br>{A female voice Jessica comes from the backseat of Baby}<br>Jessica : Or maybe she just has bad cell reception.<br>{ Dean slams on the brakes and pulls Baby over. The boys get out f of the car}<br>Dean : What the hell??!<br>Sam : Who are you?<br>Jessica : Hi , Dean.<br>Dean : Wait…… Wait… Jessica?<br>Sam : So you know her?<br>Dean : Yeah…Yeah. She’s a reaper. She tried to take me to the light…. Didn’t work out.<br>Jessica : Really didn’t , and honestly it’s been a little sad , watching you go all this time without telling Sam about me.<br>Sam : Hold on a second…. What do ya mean…. Watching?<br>Jessica : Well, after Dean’s little trip to the veil Veil, Death asked me to keep an eye on you two …. In case..<br>Dean : In case of what?<br>Jessica : This…. This, I guess. I don’t ask Death questions. Never goes well.<br>Sam : So what…. You’ve just been hovering around us invisible like a baby sitter?<br>Jessica : No, no more like a baby monitor…… monitor… hahaha.<br>Sam : And you’ve seen …erm { embarrassed}<br>Jessica : Oh , everything.<br>Dean : You mean like everything, everything?<br>Jessica : I’m especially fond of Sam’s impressive… extensive array of hair care products. Not to mention the three day old bacon cheeseburger in your room{ looks at Dean} or the VHS tape hidden under your bed labelled sweet princess Asoka meets the tentacles…..<br>Dean : Ok…. Okay… Alright that’s not cool, ok okay … that’s ….. first of all , that’s a classic, secondly , the burgers for emergency cases only.<br>Sam { looks at Dean disgusted} Ok…. : Okay… Gross. Now why are you just manifesting now?<br>Jessica : People in Portland have been dying outside of their assigned times , because apparently , someone has become powerful enough to do that!<br>Sam : Rowena?<br>Jesica : So I’ve been instructed to offer my assistance as a resource.<br>Dean : Wait….. you said people are dying… as in more than one?<br>Jessica : Four so far.<br>Sam : Yeah ok…. , okay… We’re handling it..<br>Jessica : But if you need anything….<br>Sam : We don’t and we won’t.<br>Jessica : Well , I’m around… always . { she She disappears after giving both Sam and Dean a knowing look}<br>Dean : OkOkay, well you know , we could have actually used her help.<br>Sam : Seriously!? You trust her?<br>Dean : No I don’t trust her , but between the reapers and Death, what the hell’s this witch got us into , huh?<br>Act 5 Rowena is in her hotel room sat , sitting at a desk , looking at a photograph in a frame.<br>Rowena : I’ve become too sentimental , that’s the problem. Something I never would have expected. { her phone rings} Och, this won’t be fun , Bernard. The Winchesters keep calling and they won’t just give up. They’ll come here but we won’t let anyone stop me from fixing things. I’m capable of anything now…… now… ANYTHING. { eyes glow purple}<br>
Sam and Dean are dressed as FBI agents and are at the site of Elizabeth Mahler’s death.<br>
Sam : The victim’s name was Elizabeth Mahler. I am in her e -mail right now.<br>Dean : Any of it look like Rowena bait?<br>Sam : Erm… so Mahler was the CFO of a local pharmaceutical… { reading his tablet} oh wow!<br>Dean : What?<br>Sam : Look at this…Pirodine pharmaceuticals…pharmaceuticals. Well , they sold thousands of improperly labelled drugs.<br>Dean : So….. what…… what… people got sick?<br>Sam : People died. Oh wow…. Mahler’s lawyer got her off on a technicality.<br>Dean : Ok…. What…… Okay… What… you think she deserved it?<br>Sam { irritated} : Look, I’m done defending Rowena ok…….. , okay… I’m just reading what’s there.<br>Dean : OkOkay, I have a question { he gestures to two piles of ash on the floor}… If that’s Elizabeth Mahler.. , who the hell is that?<br>Sam : I dunno….dunno. The article only mentioned one person. Wait a second…… second… I’ve seen something like that before… No way! That is what’s left of a reaper! { he shows Dean an image on the internet }<br>Dean : I got n an idea… come on. {they leave the building and stand outside}<br>Dean : Yo! Jessica!<br>Jessica : Hi.<br>Sam : Hi. So erm… that dead reaper in there, is that why you’re so all of a sudden keen on helping ?<br>Jessica : I’m glad you’re ready to chat now. This will be a positive experience.<br>Dean : OkOkay, you can drop the whole warm and fuzzy thing.<br>Jessica : That’s just a useful effect. I’m still an instrument of death.<br>Sam : You know you could have told us Rowena was killing reapers.<br>Jessica : And I would have , but you were ..handling it!<br>Dean : Ok …alright.. Okay …alright… talk.<br>Jessica : Rowena’s changing people’s fates. She’s killing them before their time and when a reaper shows…..<br>Sam : She torches them too.<br>Jessica : Yes.<br>Dean : Why?<br>Jessica : You’ll have to ask her when you stop her because if she keeps this up she is going to throw off fate…fate. The whole greater machinery of death.<br>Sam : That means?<br>Jessica : Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?<br>Dean Ashton’s second best movie!<br>Sam { looks at Dean , incredulous} : Yeah , of course….. one small mistake can cause all kinds of bad. What about it?<br>Jessica : If just one person dies before their time a lot of things that were supposed to happen…. Don’thappen…don’t. The ripple effect from just one early death can affect hundreds of lives and changing their fates changes even more fates until things just become sincerely unfortunate and we have to hit the rest reset button.<br>Sam : What does that mean?<br>Jessica : Usually? A mass kill off , like the Black Plague or a mid sized war…. Something to wipe the board clean. So… you’re your help in avoiding that would be greatly appreciated by everyone.<br>Dean : If it’s so bad , why don’t you stop her?<br>Jessica : You’ve met Billie , right? She’s got rules…rules. Clean hands.. hands… no interference….. no direct interference , anyway. We can’t stop her , but you can. { she looks directly at Sam}<br>Sam : What…. Me?<br>Jessica : Death keeps notebooks of all the ways a person might die depending on their choices. Dean’s seen his.<br>Dean : I gotta whole shelf.<br>Jessica but : But in Rowena McLeod’s note book notebook her death is always the same. She’s killed Sam Winchester…. By you!<br>
Act 6 Heaven. Cas is bored waiting.<br>
Dumah enters<br>
Dumah : Sorry to keep you waiting.<br>Cas : It’s fine…… fine… actually it’s not fine because all of creation is at stake but here we are.<br>Dumah : Yes, well….. There’s a lot going on.<br>Cas : Yes… well , I noticed. Dumah, what did you mean that we could help each other?<br>Dumah : Find Gabriel and bring him back to us…. Back home.. home… and we can help you with everything else…. Battling Michael, defending Earth.<br>Cas : I can’t find him…. That’s why I need your help.<br>Dumah : Right, well …then … then that’s a problem<br>Cas : I don’t understand, can’t you find a few angels to….<br>{ Naomi enters}<br>Naomi : That’s enough Castiel!<br>{ Flashback to Naomi torturing Cas and her death}<br>Naomi : It’s not that we won’t help you…. It’s that we can’t.<br>
Act 7<br>
The boys are in Baby discussing the case.<br>
Sam : OkOkay, it definitely looks like she’s working her way through these Pirodine pharmaceutical people.<br>Dean : You have any idea who’s next?<br>Sam : No…. I mean everyone mentioned in the articles is already dead……Wait dead…Wait a second…. Except for James Melford , the CEO.<br>Dean : Alright, what do we know about him?<br>Jessica {suddenly from the back seat} : He’s dying.<br>Dean : Stop doing that!<br>Sam : What do ya mean he’s already ….<br>Jessica : He was down for hell , but his time of death just shifted.<br>Sam : When?<br>Jessica : Now!<br>
We see James Melford bleeding to death on the ground writhing in agony.<br>
Rowena : This is a lovely backyard, but you really should have tried to run , James.<br>James { begging for his life} : Please…<br>Rowena { bending down near him} : After what you’ve done to so many sick people all over the country, letting them suffer and taking their money , you should consider this death a blessing because you’re finally helping someone else.<br>James : Who?<br>Rowena : Wait for it…..{ eyes glow as she looks around}…. And there he is . { a reaper appears}<br>Reaper : You can see me?<br>Rowena : Aye…. Do ya have a message for me from your boss? One quick chat and all of this will end.<br>Reaper : Death doesn’t negotiate with witches.<br>Rowena : Mors Lumenalumena!<br>James { screams as he combusts}<br>Reaper { screams as he combusts}<br>Sam and Dean are at the site of Melfords Melford’s death.<br>Dean { looking at the pile of ashes on the ground} : So much for James Melford.<br>Jessica : And Martin…. His reaper. His name was Martin.<br>Sam { his phone rings} here : Here we go…. Rowena!<br>
Rowena from her hotel room<br>
Rowena : I don’t suppose there’s any way you’ll simply leave me to my business before something…. Unfortunate… happens?<br>Sam : Oh… you’re starting off with a threat? Nice.<br>Rowena : I would never…… never… this doesn’t involve you boys.<br>Dean { on speaker} : You’re killing people…. It involves us!<br>Rowena { playing with Bernard’s hair}… if you’d let me explain…<br>Sam : You think this is something you can just explain away? I trusted you.<br>Rowena : I know that , Sam. I’d just rather not talk about this over the phone. I’ll text you an address. Meet me there in half an hour.<br>Dean and : And then what?<br>Rowena : Then either you believe me or you don’t. Either way the drinks are on me. { hangs up}<br>Dean : I don’t like it. What’s the odds that this is a trap?<br>Sam : Well its , it’s Rowena…. Of course it’s a trap.<br>
Rowena’s hotel room<br>
Rowena : Once we’re face to face , I’ll convince them to stop or we’ll stop them. Are you ready , Bernard? { she puts several hex bags in her purse}<br>
Cas : How are you alive?<br>Naomi : A drill in the head wasn’t going to kill me … you should know that.<br>Cas : You know , I have to admit I was relieved to hear you were dead.<br>Naomi : We never did see eye to eye.<br>Cas : No, no we didn’t, because you STOLE my memories and you threatened to tear me apart and you made me repeatedly act out Dean Winchester’s murder and you killed many , many people.<br>Naomi : Those were simpler times.<br>Cas : I’m sorry goes a long way.<br>Naomi : Uhuh….after Uhuh…after Metatron attacked , I had a few reliable angles angels spread the word that I was dead.<br>Cas so : So you’ve been hiding?<br>Naomi : Recovering.<br>Cas : All this time?<br>Naomi : Well , forgive me for taking a few years to put my thoughts back in my skull. There’s still a few holes , pardon the phrasing , but I’m mostly here. I have to be.<br>{ all All the lights dim and then come back to full strength again. There is a whirring sound}. Do you know what powers heaven Heaven, Castiel?<br>Cas Us….. Angels.<br>Naomi : That’s right were , we’re all…..Every angel is like a walking talking battery { lights dim again} , and that is what happens when we run out of power.<br>Cas : I don’t understand.<br>Naomi : Well, let me make it simple for you. There are a grand total of 9 nine angels in heaven Heaven, present company included , and one or two on earth…Earth. That’s all…… all… we are the last men and women and divine waves of light still standing….. As it were.<br>Cas : No , that’s no err….. That’s not erm…I knew our numbers were small…<br>Naomi : You wanna know why we can’t help you? Because none of us can leave….. we’re the only things keeping the lights on.{ lights dim again}… barely. We need everyone, especially an Archangelarchangel. Now the others thought any Archangel archangel would do…. Long story… but your news about Gabriel is…for is… for lack of a better word..word… blessed. With his power we can keep heaven running.<br>Cas : And without him?<br>Naomi : Without him, in time we’ll burn out, heaven Heaven will crumble and all the souls that have been entrusted in our care will fall back to earth. Picture it , Castiel… billions and billions of ghosts unleashed upon the world…. All that chaos….. all that death.<br>Rowena and Bernard enter the hotel bar. Sam and Dean are sat seated at a table.<br>Dean : Heads up!<br>Rowena : Boys.<br>Dean { gesturing towards Bernard } : What’s with the goon?<br>Rowena : Just a precaution. We’re all wary , aren’t we? Surely you’ve got your witch killing bullets handy?<br>Sam { upset} : Were you just playing e the whole time?<br>Rowena { sympathetic} : Of course not , but once I unlocked my power , I couldn’t just hide away…. I realised I can right some wrongs that are long overdue.<br>Dean : By killing innocents?<br>Rowena : Innocents?! These drug company people. They lied about their product for money! Money they used to avoid the Lawlaw. They’ve hurt thousands of sick people , which makes them far worse than most of the monsters you’ve killed. I’m striking a blow for justice!<br>Sam : Yeah, then why are you killing the reapers?<br>Rowena : Well, they’re just a means to an end. It’s not easy to get Deaths Death’s attention.<br>Dean : Trust me….. That’s not the kind of attention you want.<br>Rowena : Oh but it is. Death has something I want.<br>Sam : What’s that?<br>Rowena : My son! After you told me he was gone…. How he died… I had an un expected unexpected reaction. We had our differences , but it’s my fault he went down the path he did. I left him.<br>Dean : We’re talking about Crowley… Demon…. King of Hell?<br>Rowena : We’re talking about Fergus… a man abandoned and loveless tricked by a demon… died in a gutter. He deserved better from the world….. from me!<br>Dean : Well , Crowley’s dead. .There’s no coming back from that.<br>Rowena : Oh , is that so , Dean? Are only Winchesters allowed to come back from the dead? The rest of us just have to accept it? I don’t think so ! I’m putting death on notice.<br>Dean : Alright.<br>Sam : Well , she’s taken notice.<br>Rowena : She? Interesting.<br>Dean : And she’s upset , but you can quit this before….<br>Rowena : I’m not afraid and as much as I enjoy our little talks…you can’t stop me.<br>Sam : Actually , we can.<br>Rowena : And what makes you think that?<br>Dean : Because every version of your death, your real , permanent death…. Sam’s the one that kills you.<br>Rowena { taken aback} : I see.<br>Sam yep: Yep, but it’s not gonna happen tonight. { As Sam leans towards Rowena with the warded handcuffs she disappears in a pall of purple haze.}<br>Rowena {as she disappears… disappears}: I hope you don’t mind astral projection? Safety first , boys.<br>
We see Rowena and Bernard escaping down a hotel corridor.<br>
Sam : Rowena! Hey Rowena! { he chases her down the corridor}<br>Dean , also giving chase , runs into Bernards Bernard’s forearm and a furious fight ensues between the two of them.<br>Dean : You know she’s controlling your brain.<br>Bernard : She’s powerful, she’s gorgeous , and she’s paying me a small fortune. That woman didn’t have to cast a spell on me. { Dean launches himself at Bernard}<br>Rowena runs in to the alley , followed by Sam.<br>Sam : Rowena , STOP! { points the gun at her} Stay right there. Listen to me. I get what you’re trying to do for Crowley , but you’re messing with the machinery of the Universe. Death won’t give you what you want. You have to stop!<br>Rowena : I can’t stop , Samuel…. You’ll have to shoot me. { she turns to face him and Sam , conflicted , eventually shoots. Rowena stops the bullet in mid -air with her hand , eyes glowing purple and the bullet falls to the ground}<br>Sam : H…how?<br>Rowena : You really would have shot me? Insomniac! { Sam falls to the ground in a coma}<br>
Bernard and Dean continue to slug it out. Jessica is present.<br>
Jessica {to Dean}: You are doing really well , but you need to hurry {To Dean}.<br>Dean { through gritted teeth} : A little help would be nice!<br>Jessica : Can’t….. Clean hands.<br>Dean eventually gets the better of Bernard , strangling him.<br>Jessica : He was a highly trained military operative. It’s impressive that you could…..<br>Dean : Sam! { races off to find Sam. He sees Sam’s gun on the ground in the alley and is worried sick. Jessica appears} : WHERE THE HELL IS MY BROTHER!?<br>Rowenas Rowena’s hotel room. Sam is awake but immobilised in a chair.<br>Rowena : Don’t struggle….. you’ll only make things worse!<br>Sam : Rowena, listen to me.. me… this powers power’s going to your head. It’s making you go crazy!<br>Rowena : Nooo its , it’s giving me clarity. It’s showing me that everything I did before for wealth, for magic, for myself, meant nothing…nothing. And it took everything from me everyone I loved, my family, Oscar, my son. I’m a flawed, petty ,evil creature , Samuel , and I don’t know if I can be redeemed but I have to try , and I do wish there was another way.<br>Sam : W..wh.. W…wh… what are you saying?{ fearing for his life}<br>Rowena mm : Mmm, you said it yourself…. There’s only one way to stop me. You! But if you’re dead , well then , I can’t be stopped , can I ? Death will have to grant me an audience.<br>{Rowena rips open Sam’s shirt and we see his anti -possession tattoo}<br>Sam : You… you…you don’t know that!<br>Rowena : True , but there’s only one way to find out. { She cuts her hand}<br>Sam { panic stricken} : What are you doing? What is that? { Rowena pours liquid in to onto her palm}<br>
Rowena You don’t wanna know.<br>
Sam : Rowena……. Rowena… Don’t do this! You don’t have to do this!<br>Rowena : What haven’t you done for your family? What wouldn’t you do? I’m sorry , Sam. { she thrusts her hand on to onto his tattoo and he screams}<br>Suddenly , Death appears!.<br>Death : Hello , Rowena.<br>Rowena : You! I know you.<br>Death : We met when I was a reaper.<br>Rowena : We totally did. If we’d just exchanged numbers , none of this would have been necessary.<br>Death : You’re upsetting the natural order. That’s unwise.<br>Rowena : Bring back my son and it all stops. Say no and I’ll….<br>Death : noNo.<br>Rowena : Then I’ll kill Sam Winchester, that’ll really frog up your natural order wont , won’t it?<br>
Death : Go ahead.<br>Sam { struggles and grunts}.<br>Rowena : What?<br>Death : I don’t think it’s a good thing and I don’t believe any of us will like what comes next , but I don’t do blackmail so…. Go ahead.<br>{Rowena, knife in hand , turns to a frightened and struggling Sam}<br>Death : I’m curious to see what happens.<br>Sam : No, no , no no , Rowena! I know what you went through and I know how much you lost and I realise how much you want your family back….. Don’t do this…. This is not you…. Not any more.<br>Rowena : What happened to me… those were my choices , but Fergus never…… never… it wasn’t fair! { Rowena turns towards death and screams} IT’S NOT FAIR! {Rowena blasts Death with purple light which has no effect}<br>
Rowena falls to her knees<br>
Death you : You were never going to kill him. There was a time you would have, but not now.<br>
Death kneels in front of Rowena and raises her head tenderly.<br>
Death : I can see that.<br>Rowena { crying} : I don’t know why I’m doing it.<br>Death : Sometimes life is unfair and sometimes we lose things and sometimes we make mistakes , and some of these things can never be fixed , no matter how powerful you become…… become… some things just are….and everyone has to live with that.<br>Rowena { sobbing} and : And now you’ll take me?<br>Death : noNo, you already know how your story ends . { Death looks at Sam}<br>Dean crashes through the door , bloody and bruised.<br>Dean : SAM!<br>Sam : DEAN!<br>Death : Hey , Dean….see you again soon. { Death disappears}<br>
At the sandpit with Cas and Naomi.<br>
Naomi : If you find Gabriel, tell him what’s happening in heavenHeaven.<br>Cas and : And if I can’t find him?<br>Naomi : We’ll do our duty… keep things running.<br>Cas : For how long?<br>Naomi : ah Ah, that’s the scary part….<br>Cas : we We will find a way to fix this…. We will.<br>Naomi : This may be one of those things that can’t be fixed , Castiel.<br>Cas : This is heaven Heaven we are talking about!<br>Naomi : everything Everything ends , Castiel.<br>Cas : everything Everything ends.<br>Naomi but : But until then , the gates of heaven Heaven are closed.<br>{ Naomi returns to heaven Heaven, leaving cas Cas alone and forlorn in the playground at the sandpit.<br>Rowenas Rowena’s hotel room. Sam, Dean and Rowena are all sat sitting on the floor.<br>Sam : how How ya feelin?<br>Dean like : Like I got punched in the face…. A lot.<br>Sam : huhHuh.<br>Rowena : yeahYeah, about that…. Bernard’s very enthusiastic.<br>Dean : yeahYeah, that’s one word for it! { drinks beer}<br>Sam { to Rowena} : and what about you? How are you feeling?<br>Rowena : I fought Death and lost. I feel tired, weaker, I don’t know if its forever…… it’s forever… Sam, what have I done?<br>Sam : you You had a chance to kill me and you didn’t. I’d call that progress.<br>Dean : I’d call that a miracle! { Dean and Rowena exchange looks}<br>Sam : you You know what happened with Crowley? That wasn’t your fault.<br>Rowena : He never had a chance.<br>Dean : He made his choices…… choices… just like we all do. Look , every one of us has done something that we have to live with, that were trying to make up for….. every one of us.<br>Sam : even Even without all that extra juice , you’re still the deadliest witch around.<br>Rowena flatterer: Flatterer.<br>Sam : Yeah , well , erm…. We may need your help to save our family….. hell, to save the world.<br>Dean : You wanna be redeemed…… redeemed… this’d be a pretty big step.<br>Rowena : And do you think I can still be?<br>Dean Deanv yeah Yeah, I do.<br>Sam : We both do , but before you answer , you gotta know something…. Erm , Lucifer is back.<br>Rowena {terrified} … of : …of course he is.<br>Dean : no No, you’re not gonna…..<br>Rowena breakdown….. cry……in : Break down… cry…in terror? Of course I’m horrified and scared, my heart may have stopped but…Lucifer but… Lucifer isn’t the one who’s going to kill me , is he?<br>Sam you : You changed other people’s fates….. Maybe we can change yours?<br>Dean so : So what do ya say…… say… you in?<br>
Credits and music roll<br>

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