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The episode was directed by [[Phil Sgriccia]] and written by [[Bob Berens]] and [[Andrew Dabb]].
Further news on the series was released during [[Comic-Con 2017]], [[Kim Rhodes]], [[Briana Buckmaster]], [[Kathryn Newton]] and [[Katherine Ramdeen]] were confirmed for the series along with newcomer, [ Clark Backo]. The series will be launched through 3 episodes in Season 13 of ''Supernatural'': [[13.03 Patience ]], [[13.09 The Bad Place]] and [[13.10 Wayward Sisters]].
[ In an interview] in the Halloween edition of [[Entertainment Weekly]] producer Andrew Dabb said that Wayward features "a much larger support system for the central characters, a key detail for the writers. “What is possible if you have more than just a sibling relationship to guide you through this process,” Berens says. “Could it be different? Could it be less psychologically and physically damaging than what we’ve seen Sam and Dean go through? That’s a really core question of the show.”"
[[File:Berens tweet 2018-05-11.jpg|thumb|400px|Bob Berens message to fans]]
The CW has chosen not to order Wayward Sisters to series. Creator and writer Bob Berens tweeted the above on the 11th May, followed by Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb who said:<br>
:"It breaks my heart to say this, but CW has chosen to pass on Wayward Sisters. We love these characters, and have spent almost two years trying to make this show a reality on the network... but there are some fights, sometimes, you can't win. I want to thank everyone involved in this entire process, from our fantastic crew, to our amazing cast, and, most of all you. Your passion for this idea fueled us, and we wanted so much to make this happen for you. I'm so sorry we couldn't. But know that these characters will live on. We owe them, and you, and us that. Thank you.
Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster expressed their sadness and disappointment as did the @WaywardDaughters account, along with other Supernatural cast members. Many pointed out that this had always been, and would continue to be, more than a TV series, it had always been about fighting for diverse female representation in media, as well as women emporwering and supporting each other.
The fight is not over. Fan pressure has made networks change their decisions on shows before. Fans can
* [ Leave feedback for the CW online]
* Write to them c/ The CW Network, 3300 W Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505.
* Call The CW on (818) 977 250
* [ Sign an online petition].
[ Read more tweets here].
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